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There are issues on iPhone 5 devices with this title, we are looking into them, please hold tight for a fix.Explode into space! From the makers of “Nuclien” and “Hiragana Pixel Party” comes “Atomic Test Pilot”. Detonate nukes by tapping the screen at the right moment to push your ship faster and faster and see just how far you can go!•A simple game with a simple one finger tap mechanic!•100% free, No micro-transactions - just download and play! Atomic test pilot is a game based on “Nuclear Pulse Propulsion”. This technology was originally developed during the 1950’s and made it technically feasible to accelerate a spacecraft to excessive speeds by detonating atomic bombs in a its wake. Riding the atomic shockwaves would send such a ship further and faster than anything ever built by mankind so far. Using this science a ship could travel from earth to Mars in 2 weeks as opposed to the six months it would take using traditional chemical rockets. •Online High score boards & Achievements•Journey through the solar system, experiencing the real distances between the planets around us. •Pick between an explosive chip-rock soundtrack, or music generated by the speed of your ship…

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