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Be free and choose your destiny in Wild City, the place where you can become a World Tycoon, a Mafia Boss or whatever you want to be. Wild City is a massive online multiplayer game brought to you by Anansi.So you’re from the streets huh? Been working as a hustler, a zombie extra, perhaps a human specimen? Are you a disgrace to fat, gelatinous, out of shape gangstas around the world? Well no worries, as from humble beginnings tyrants arise. Welcome to Wild City, the place where all your criminal dreams come true!Unite and grow your family into a world-class criminal empire. Hit the gym, ravage the streets, conquer world capitals, and climb your way to the top as the ultimate Crime Lord. Do you have what it takes? Are you tough enough to survive? Leave your morals at the door, grab your guns and let’s get the job done. Morals? What morals?What? You do have morals? Well, go on and create your own financial empire. Join forces with your family and travel around the world, buy, sell and trade products, specialties, weapons, armor and equipment, establish your own commercial routes, befriend cities in commerce and work your way to the top as the World’s Wealthiest Tycoon.Remember, no matter which path you choose to walk, Wild City has it all in one place. In one word: Freedom.Features:- Massive Multiplayer Online Game- Extremely free gameplay- Play the way you want to play, become who you want to be- Choose from 9 different professions to develop your abilities- Fight, rob and cripple other players online- Make fortunes by investing in property, business and trade- Invite friends to win prizes- Create a family with friends and work together for a better future- Build muscle and improve your weapons and armor to defeat your enemies- Make new friends, defeat your enemies and meet the love of your life- Indulge in criminal behavior to expand your empire- Trade with exotic specialties and products from all over the world- Finish the tasks to gain multiple prizes- Enjoy the special global activities updated frequentlyNOTE:- This is an ONLINE ONLY game. You must be connected to the Internet to play

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