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-16-bit Graphics
- 8-bit music from STRESS_TN http://chiptunerush.com/bit-dungeon/

** Instructions **
-You and your wife were captured by demons...
-You wake up trapped in a cell, grab your sword and let the quest to find your wife begin!

* The "Save Rune" feature is only there to stop playing and pick it up later.
* If you die you lose all items and start over.
* Extra Life: at Level 4 you receive a Soul after the boss instead of more magic. When you die this soul gives you a second chance.
* Touch to control the character.
* Hold down Touch to charge up and use a STUN ATTACK.
* Once CHARGED your next attack will be a POWER ATTACK dealing the total [Attack Damage+Critical Damage+Armor]
* Hold Down Touch to BLOCK any attack.

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