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WHAT THE PRESS IS SAYING"This thing has the best and most brilliant control scheme I've ever used on iOS" - TouchArcade.com"Finally, a FPS you can play on a tablet." -Mashable"A mobile FPS that can appeal to hardcore console gamers and mobile gamers alike." - Kotaku"One of the best FPS games the Smartphone/Tablet market has to offer" - Gamezebo"Outstanding 3D graphics." - GamesbeatTHE END OF THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL THINGFight for survival in a post-apocalyptic future, where an eco-disaster has turned millions into soulless monsters. Scavenge this dystopian world for weapons and survival gear, to escape this inhuman nightmare.THE DROWNING SURVIVAL TIPS1. Shoot with pixel-perfect accuracy.2. Know your surroundings. Explore 15 stunning environments.3. Build an arsenal. Unrivalled customization of weapons, from crossbows to rocket launchers!4. Bring down bosses and unlock new survival gear.Install now and experience one of the most anticipated games of 2013!For the optimum iPhone experience, play on an iPhone 4S or iPhone5.

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