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Give your a brain a workout with this fun, addictive, and challenging word association game.Be prepared to think outside of the box and associate words you normally wouldn't connect.If you love crossword, word search, word grid, or hangman, you will love this new word association game.Frigid... Fiery.Laugh... Giggle.Apple... SauceDog... Cat.Surf... Wave.Words can be antonyms.Words can bs synonyms.Words can be compound.Words just have to be related!Be careful though! A word can have multiple correct associations so you'll have to get the right combination of matches to complete each wall puzzle and solve all 16 pairs of words.Take your time and enjoy associating each word, or push yourself and get 3, 2 or 1 stars based on how fast you complete each puzzle!Compete with up to 2 different people with built-in local profiles. No need to register online.Word Wall comes with 40 free wall puzzles, and you also have the option to buy more wall packs as In-App Purchases.Enjoy!-MochiBitshttp://facebook.com/MochiBitshttp://twitter.com/MochiBits

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