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    FAQ by cbradley27

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                                   Marvel World of Heroes Faq
                                     For Iphone and Android
                          Guide by cbradley27 (Christian Bradley)
                                     Version 1.1
                   Contact the author via e-mail: cbradley27@hotmail.com
                   This guide is Copyright (c)2012 Christian Bradley
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    Table of Contents
    I... Introduction                              [01]
    II.. Stats                                     [02]
    III. The Tutorial                              [03]
    IV.. Referral Codes                            [04]
    V... Boosting/Fusing Cards                     [05]
    VI.. Using Items                               [06]
    VII. Joining an Alliance                       [07]
    VIII Missions                                  [08]
    IX.. Battles                                   [09]
    X... Events                                    [10]
    XI.. Trading                                   [11]
    XII. Team Members                              [12]
    XIII Rally Points                              [13]
    XIV. Card Abilities                            [14]
    Chapter I - Introduction                               [01]
    Marvel War of Heroes is a multiplayer collectable card game for Iphone and 
    Andriod. The game is available as a free download from the Android Play Store. 
    It follows the freemium business model: it's free to play, but has a store 
    where in-game items can be purchased for real-world money. Download, install, 
    and run the app and you will get some starter cards and be sent on the 
    Chapter II - Stats                                     [02]
    Player Stats
    Every player has three stats: Energy, Attack, and Defense.
    Energy - Energy allow you to do missions and some events. Every time you do a 
    quest step you spend Energy points. This is the only stat you'll need early 
    in the game.
    Attack - Attack allows you do fight other players and do some events. Every
    time you attack another player you spend Attack points. Increasing your Attack
    will not make each card's attacks stronger, it will just allow you to use more
    and higher power cards when you attack a player.
    Defense - Defense allows you to defend yourself from other players. Every time
    you are attacked by another player, you spend Defense points.
    Spending points in Energy, Attack, or Defense increases the maximum amount of
    points you can have in that category. All points recover over time up to your
    maximum level.
    You get stat points to spend from leveling up, finishing quests, or adding 
    Team members.
    Card Stats
    In addition to the player stats, every card has three stats: Attack, Defense,
    and Power Required.
    Attack - A card's attack score determines how much damage it will do when you
    attack using that card.
    Defense - A card's defense score determines how much damage it will do when you
    defend using that card.
    Power Required - The number of player Attack or Defense points it will cost to
    use this card in a battle.
    How many much Energy/Attack/Defense do I need?
    The answer depends on what you want to do in the game. If you enjoy going on 
    missions and collecting lots of cards for trade, Energy is where you want to 
    invest. If you want to be able to attack more often, put your points in Attack. 
    If you want to prevent people from winning in their attacks on you, you would 
    want to put more points in defense.
    The amount of Attack and Defense points you need will also depend on your deck.
    Attacking once spends the entire power cost of your attack deck (your five 
    cards with the highest attack values). Defending only spends about ten percent 
    of the power cost of your defense deck (your five cards with the highest 
    defense values). A good rule for the minimum you want in Attack and Defense 
    is enough Attack to use your best attack deck twice, and enough Defense to use 
    your best defense deck a few times.
    Chapter III - The Tutorial                              [03]
    The game will send you on a short series of quest steps in a tutorial. You will
    level up quickly and be given points to spend on increasing your stats. Choose
    Energy for your first few levels. Energy will allow you to do more missions, 
    get more cards, and level up faster.
    At the end of the tutorial you will have a chance to enter a referral code,
    this is your last chance to enter a referral code.
    Chapter IV - Referral Codes                            [04]
    Entering a referral code when you finish the tutorial will give you 100,000
    Rupees and a rare card. If you're reading this before you've past that point,
    feel free to use my code (qqp882289) or google for someone else's code. It
    doesn't matter whose code you use, the bonus is the same no matter which code
    you enter.
    Chapter V - Boosting/Fusing Cards                  [05]
    Cards in War of Heroes can be Boosted, which will increase the level of the 
    card and increase the attack and defense value of the card, or Fused, which 
    will change the card into a more powerful version of itself and reset its 
    level back to 1.
    Boosting a card allows you to sacrifice other cards to make one card stronger.
    You'll want to enhance the best cards you have using the worst cards you have
    as feeders. Each Boosting session can consume up to ten cards. Cards can be 
    enhanced up to a maximum level that is determined by their rarity.
    Generally, you'll want to use the lowest cost cards you can find as feeders, 
    so be prepared to revisit old missions for the cheap cards you can pick up 
    When a card is used in battle it receives some Mastery points. You can also
    get mastery points as a reward for doing missions. When a cards Mastery
    points fill up, it gets a permanent bonus to attack and defense.
    Fusing cards allows you to combine two cards of the same type to create a new
    card. For example, two Spider-man cards can be used to create a Spider-man+ 
    card. Some cards (such as Black Widow) can be fused multiple times to create
    ++ and +++ versions of the card.
    Fusing together cards that have been Boosted and/or Mastered will produce 
    more powerful cards, so for cards you plan to use make sure you Boost and 
    Master the base cards before Fusion. Note that the stats of the final card 
    will strongly effect the cards resale value, so don't expect to get as much 
    value when trading a weaker card as you will get for selling a stronger 
    version of the same card.
    Chapter VI - Using Items                              [06]
    Two items in War of Heros are Energy Packs (EP) and Power Packs (PP). EP fills
    your energy to maximum and PP fills your attack and defense to maximum. Don't 
    use these early on, as they will be much more valuable to you
    later. For example, if you use EP to fill your energy when your maximum 
    energy is 20, you just got 20 minutes worth of stamina for your EP. If you use
    it next week, when you have levelled up quite a bit and have a maximum energy
    of 200, you just received 3 hours and 20 minutes worth of energy, a much 
    better value.
    Chapter VII - Joining an Alliance                       [07]
    An Alliance in War of Heroes is a collection of players working together. It's
    what other games would call a Guild or Clan. Finding an Alliance to join should 
    be easy, there's a tool for it built right into the game. A big,
    active Alliance will help you out, you can find people there to trade with and
    during events you will get bonuses based on what your Alliance accomplishes.
    Chapter VII - Missions                                    [08]
    Missions are the basic way to get experience, cash, and cards. Finishing a 
    mission will give you a stat point to spend, and every battle in a mission will
    reward you with some silver. Always make sure you have at least enough stamina 
    to do three battles in a mission before proceeding with it, as you get a card 
    or treasure for doing three in a row. 
    Early missions are good to revisit to pick up cheap cards for boosts. They can 
    also be sold to other players as feeders if you're low on cash.
    Chapter IX - Battles                                    [09]
    Battling other players lets you steal their money or their treasures. Before
    you start battling, you'll want to make sure you have five cards that are 
    enhanced and that you have enough Attack to play all 5. Don't try to take on
    players much higher level than you, you'll lose because they'll have better 
    cards than you, and don't try to take on players much lower level than you, 
    the game will make you lose automatically as punishment. Winning a battle will 
    give you a portion of your opponents money. 
    Chapter X - Events                                     [10]
    Whenever there is an event going on, participate in it. The rewards are 
    generally better than what you can get questing or battling. Events will reward
    you for what you do and what your Alliance does, so participate as much as you 
    can and get prizes for you and your Alliance.
    Chapter XI - Trading                                   [11]
    In War of Heroes you can only trade with people that have been either on your
    team or part of your alliance for at least two weeks and are above level 10.
    Some cards are worth less, some are worth more, look around before you commit 
    to anything to keep yourself from being exploited.
    Making money by trading follows the basic rule of any market: buy low and sell
    high. See what people are offering to buy or sell cards for and buy those cards 
    when you see a good deal and resell them for a profit. 
    Chapter XII - Team                                   [12]
    When you level up, you'll sometimes get an extra slot to add another Team 
    member. Add them, every one you add will give you stat points to spend and 
    they can help you out during certain events. If someone sends you a Team 
    request, go ahead and accept it. You don't have to know them or be friends 
    with them, and you'll have plenty of slots open up as you level for everyone 
    you actually want in there.
    Chapter XII - Rally Points                          [13]
    Every day you get some a free card and Rally Points for logging in and 
    playing. Rally points can be spent to get random cards in the game store.
    Chapter XVI - Card Abilities                         [16]
    Some cards have skills like increasing attack power or decreasing your 
    opponent's defense. These skilled cards are more valuable than regular cards
    because they better for use in battle and they can be used to increase the
    skill level of other skilled cards. When one skilled card is enhanced using 
    another skilled card, there is a chance to increase the skill level on the
    enhanced card. The chance increase when more and rarer cards with skills are
    used in the enhancement. Note that the skill increase chance only increases 
    for the current enhancement, so it's usually better to use several skilled 
    cards at once to reduce the chance of failure (unless you like gambling, then
    feel free to roll the dice over and over with a low chance each time).
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
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