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?How many automobile models do you recognize? (Free)?AutoMobile! 2This time we guess with car models :)??? Are you FAMILIAR with the models of varies kinds of automobiles? ??? ??? Play this AutoMobile! 2 - Cars game to find out how many automobile models you recognized. ??? ??? Join And Have FUN ??? AutoMobile! 2 - CarsAutoMobile! 2 - Cars game provides a way for players to test their familiarity with different automobiles models. There are plenty of automobiles all over the world! But how many automobiles models can you recognize? Challenge it! NEARLY 200 Models This game collected nearly 200 automobiles models for you to recognize. TUTORIAL It's strongly recommended that you go through the tutorial first, before playing the AutoMobile! 2 - Cars game. We prepared a guide in detail, to show you how to use all the clues in this game. GAME PROCEDURE The game procedure is just inputting characters with keyboard then "Check" your answers. Only alpha characters and space is needed (no punctuation marks). The characters are case insensitive. Each icon may have more than one correct answers. Such as 'Aston Martin' or 'Virage' or ''Aston Martin Virage'.Different points will be given according to the length of your answer. STARS AND POINTS Stars and points will be earned with a correct answer. Time, hints, bombs used in quiz and wrong answers will affect the number of points and stars. The points for one logo varies from 1000 to 10000. The stars number got within logo icon is 1 to 5. HINTS AND BOMBS 3 hints can be used for one logo. Each will prompt some useful information of this brand. Bombs can used to remove unnecessary keys. After bomb is used in a logo, you can touch it to show the correct answer in sequence of alpha characters. The keys on keyboard will blink to show you the answer. Try to remember it! Each time you tap the bomb, the interval time of keyboard will be longer, and easier to remember. You can exchange hints to bombs. Or buy hints within this game. ASK FRIENDS You can ask friends about the automobile model you are guessing, through twitter, facebook, sina weibo, or other SNS services. They will help you find out the correct answer! LEVELS There are several levels which contain different automobile modes. More than 12 correct answers in a level will unlock the next level. ACHIEVEMENTS AND LEADER BOARDS We prepared up-to-100 achievements for you to gain. Got all the achievements! Try to find the hidden achievements! Two leader boards of stars and points are provided. Gain more stars and points and show it to your friends!NOTEAll the models and trademarks copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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