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Fish Hooks is an underwater physics-based adventure puzzle starring Milo the fish and a host of his aquatic friends from Freshwater High. You assume the role of Milo and must master the art of making and popping bubbles to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of Randy's diabolical design. You will have to float, fall and fling yourself through the mazes to advance, all while maneuvering with the precision of a ninja (well, the fish version of a ninja. While you're in a bubble.) Perfect timing and puzzle solving skills are essential if you want to avoid the increasingly difficult obstacles and master all of the underwater moves you'll need to win. Have you got what it takes to BE THE BUBBLE?Find out!, as you:•Play through more than 50 levels of marine madness!•Unlock 5 of Milo's best friends – who you can use as player characters in the game!•Master the art of bouncing off turtles!•Surf whirlpools, fly through tubes and free fall!•Collect apples in each level and max out your high score!•Beat Randy Pincherson at his own game and win back the trophy!

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