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ART OF PINBALL - THE MUMMY IS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!AGE OF PINBALLS-ALL IN ONE PACK 80% SALE FOR $2.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME!Classical, simple and fun! These three words represent the latest pinball title of ASK Homework, the Art of Pinball. All the pinball tables of Art of Pinball represent pinball tables of 70s that means simple layout, easy gameplay, low scores and score reel without such modern features as kickback, jackpot, combo and ramp.FEATURES- 4 different camera views- Realistic physics and ball movements-Highly detailed 3D graphics-Retina display support on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S-Realistic sound effects-Special effects (light, reflection, shadow, glass)-9 different flippers (8 of them are available as an in-app)-3x3 types of balls (8 of them are available as an in-app)-3 various sound packs (2 of them are available as an in-app)-3 balls gameplay (5 balls is available as an in-app)IN-APPSFLIPPER PACK includes 8 flippers with different shapes and materials which prevent you to lose ball too often (Banana, Blue Gem, Vampire, Rubber, Zombie, Pussycat, Lava, Ring)BALL PACK includes 8 balls with different materials and physical properties (2 steel ball, 3 marble ball, 3 rubber balls)SOUND PACK includes 2 additional sound packs which make your gameplay more authentic (Retro, Modern)BALL NUMBER adds 2 additional balls, so you have 5 balls in all to beat your high scoreREVIEWS"Pinball purists will absolutely love these direct tabletop games. There are no special slow-motion ball features or three-second rewind. The Art of Pinball was definitely created for the diehard player who cares more about realistic action than realistic visuals." - AppAdvice

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