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The best first person survival horror for iPhone!?The abandoned school facebook open!?http://www.facebook.com/abandonedschoolGame tips and shares your tricks. Give us your feedback! ?? Added Tip and walkthrough on bottom The Abandoned school is first person survival horror quest game that will chill you to the core.High-end graphic with sound the best survival horror for iPhone!A game will put you in the shoes of boy who try to find truth about his brother and girlfriend’s suspicious death. You must also take part of boy’s troubled memories and go into abandoned school.This is point and click mobile game, made with amazing background sound and creepy black and white photorealistic images.Do you have what it takes to find out terrifying true?Do you have guts to play? Download now and see for yourself.?How to play:Use the entire smart phone’s functionality to complete the quest. Try to touch the abject more than once, change the order, move around the room, and shake or tilt phone to avoid obstacles. Plus after the sunset you will see more clues and finally complete the quest.? The abandoned school Tip and walkthrough:Many people said it's too hard so here’s few tipsSchool Gate: Click warning sign 3 times Click chain 5 times Click metal gate 6 timesStairway: Get rid of fly’s by clicking move side by side and see change of picture click photos on the floor and see the change when spider shows on top, shake the phone to drop it.( there’s hidden layer for on this stage, you should figure it out)rest of stages, you can explore with clicking or use smart phone functionalities to clear.Thank you so much!*This is NOT scary prank or surprise game it has story and chilling end to it. You must guess what happened to them and find out truth.

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