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The first true adventure-surfing game for iOS!Created by international surf-entertainment brand Storm Surfers and 3D App specialists Explore Engage.THE GAMEStorm Surfers - Big Wave Hunters uses state-of-the-art Unity 3D graphics to create the best surfing game ever produced for iOS. Moving from Mission HQ to secret never-before-surfed breaks, the game combines fast-action, console-style gameplay with a true surf-expedition experience.Join tow-surfing pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones, two-time world champion Tom Carroll and surf-forecaster Ben Matson as they track storms across Australia and then head out to the breaks. Take a unique point-of-view over the surfers' shoulders as they use jet skis to negotiate the rocky shoreline, tow-surf the building swell and ultimately ride and barrel into massive waves.THE SURFERSRoss Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll are two larger-than-life legends of the surfing world a they both have athletic achievements that sit at the very pinnacle of international competition. Two-time world surfing champion in 1984 and 85, Tom Carroll was the first surfing superstar. His mastery of the Banzai Pipeline at Oahu, Hawaii, winning the Pipeline Masters three times, secured his name in the record books as one of the greatest surfers of the era. Ross Clarke-Jones was less lucky on the tour circuit, but came into his own on big waves. A pioneer of tow-surfing, Ross was one of the first to take a jetski out to the largest breaks and let-loose. His ambition and ability to surf big waves saw him become the first non-Hawaiian to win the prestigious Eddie Aikau Memorial at Waimea Bay a a competition that is called only when the waves break consistently at 20 feet. THE MISSIONRoss, Tom and the team aren't just surfers - they're explorers. Surfing the biggest waves isn't enough. They need to conquer breaks that have never been ridden before. Using advanced storm-tracking technology and searching the bathymetric maps for remote shoals, Ross, Tom and Ben lead you on expedition missions to six secret, off-shore, maiden breaks.THE GAMEPLAY Each mission contains three stages - the jet ski challenge, the tow-surf challenge and the surfing challenge.The Jet Ski challenge uses joystick and throttle mechanics to accelerate the jet ski through the rocks and sand dunes at the shoreline. Collecting time-boosts as the jet ski slaloms through the course, the objective is to get to the open ocean swell with as much time on the clock as possible.The Tow-Surf challenge uses the gyroscopic tilt function of iOS devices to move the surfer across the building swell, as they race along the water behind the jet ski, hanging-on to the tow rope.The Big Wave Surfing challenge uses the tap function to move the surfer up and down the wave. The longer you surf, the further you get pulled into the barrel - build your skills to be able to then punch out of the barrel before it closes out (oh, and avoid the sharks... Did we mention the sharks?)Once you've successfully completed all the missions, you will unlock secret video content from the Storm Surfers theatrical feature - Enjoy!For all you budding meteorologists out there, we've included a Storm Tracker game, which you'll find in HQ. Drag storms of the same colour together to create a superstorm, then sink them at the matching break location to create a massive swell. But don't let different coloured storms collide!

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