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Soccer Arena is the game of soccer within an enclosed arena. You get precise control over all your players using the really intuitive control system that was developed specially for the touch screen. Your players make intelligent runs in to good attacking positions and they find space. Because its an arena you do not have to worry about the ball going out, instead you can use the walls to your advantage by kicking the ball against them to evade opposition players.With different levels of difficulty you can have the equivalent of a sunday morning kick around in the park or a really tough, competitive match.You can also choose the colour your team will play in and then the simple to get into action starts. The game is organised into a knock-out style tournament with the first to 5 goals winning each match.The controls are very straightforward too. Slide your thumb around the left side of the screen to move the player you control, once you have the ball release your thumb to pass the ball and if you then need more power just tap the power button that then appears. Its incredibly simple and great fun.Therefore get ready to dribble, pass and shoot your way to tournament victory.

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