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Join hundreds of thousands of players in ultimate action & challenge!••••• 5 STAR App Store rating!• 3volution voted Top 3 indie games of 2012 on Slide DB!• Winner of the prestigious NETKO Award for excellence in app design and execution awarded by Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry! • 148Apps • "Want a simple to learn but difficult to master iOS game that’s perfect for short bursts of play and lengthy sessions? 3volution is it. No, really, this is it. Stop looking."• AppSpy.com • "Surprisingly addictive. Combines high score gameplay with a sense of level progression."• The iPhone App Review • "3volution is worth every penny. It’s a brilliant new arcade game. The gameplay is fresh, exciting, and rejuvenating." • TopTenREVIEWS • "3volution will grab your attention quickly, keep you entertained and serve as an effective time killer." Remember those (ancient) times when games were still fun, challenging & you couldn't stop them playing? They're back! We took a unique and simple gameplay concept and turned it into a vivid neverending polygon of addictive primordial fun.WELCOME TO THE MYSTERIOUS WAYS OF 3VOLUTION - A PRIMORDIAL SOUP CHALLENGE! You think life just accidentally began when organic molecules (after millions and millions of years of swimming in a puddle of primordial soup) organized one-too-many swimming championships? Think again! You’re invited to a challenge in the Primordial Soup with three little Helpers: Nunstuck, Git & Slotermeyer! 3VOLUTION FEATURES:• UNIQUE, SIMPLE & INTUITIVE GAMEPLAY CONCEPT YOU-THERE-GO! • PERFORM TRICKY MOVES TO SURVIVE • FIGHT NASTY & INTELLIGENT CREATURES • HUNT FOR GAZILLION OF POINTS & NEW 3VOLUTION RANKS • CHALLENGE FRIENDS ON 3VOLUTION LEADERBOARDS & EARN ALL ACHIEVEMENTS • COLLECT COINS, GRAB GOODIES, USE ITEMS & BOOST POINTS MULTIPLIER• SURVIVE SPECIAL MODESThe visual side of 3volution features very aesthetic ambient with fascinating details and constantly 3volving vivid backgrounds all over the place. Each primordial soup resident is dynamically animated and their incredible look and moves makes you wonder what kind of brain actually commands their little primordial bodies. LAST BUT NOT LEAST • Use headphones for the best 3volution 3xperience!• 3volution is a universal game, and works on every iOS device, but is especially beautiful on the iPad’s big screen! • Did we mention that 3volution is very, very addictive and an extreme timekiller? Well, it is. MORE 3VOLUTION• Become 3volution fan on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/3volutiongame• Follow 3volution on Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/3volutiongame

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