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Fruit Pop! is a simple puzzle game that is easy to learn & quick to play, yet will challenge both your brain & reflexes!Connect matching fruits to make them explode, then score as many points as you can before time runs out!MILLIONS OF PLAYERS ARE HOOKED!????? – “A total blast to play. You won’t be able to put this game down!” ????? – “The perfect blend of simplicity and challenge. Endlessly entertaining!” ????? – “Easy, fun, and perfect for downtime. Exactly what I've been looking for!” DO YOU HAVE THE FRUIT-POPPING SKILLS? See why millions of players have taken up the challenge in this intensely enjoyable game of both skill and lightning-speed action. Come see for yourself why so many are glued to their screens! HOURS OF ADDICTING GAMEPLAY ? Amazing 3D fruit explosions! ? Deceptively simple, but don’t be fooled! ? Powerful boosts offer new ways to play! ? Pick-up-and-play, no complicated rules to learn! ? Compete with your friends in the weekly tournament! ? Adorable fruits have their own personalities!TOP SECRET TIPS ? Go for long chains, but don’t miss the beat! ? Bombs are powerful, but don’t let them distract your attention! ? Can you discover the secret rainbow fruit?

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