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Fishing Star is the hit fishing game from GREE. Make skillful use of rods, bait and lure to catch hundreds of different species of fish.Download today and take your first step to becoming a true Fishing Star!Features:* Catch different fish of all shapes and sizes with a wide variety of rods, bait, and tackle!* Fish are added to the catalogue the first time you catch one. Can you catch them all?* Obtain titles as you catch more fish! Become a fishing master!* Unlock fishing spots as you acquire titles! Catch fish that you never have before!* Upgrade your rods! An upgraded rod makes fishing easier!Note:- In order to access Fishing Star, you will need to log into GREE. Registration is free.- With GREE, you can: - Play free iOS games that are added all the time. - Search for and invite friends.* Any in-app prizes or rewards are carried out solely by GREE Inc. and have no association with Apple Inc. Apple Japan or any of its affiliate companies.

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