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Leave 'em in the dust!From desolate wastelands to abandoned post-industrial suburbia, tire-burning dust eaters come together to risk life and limb in the CarDust challenge. Glory, riches and frequent oil changes await you on these inhospitable tracks! * www.91mobiles.com: 4/5 "This game is surely one of the best car racing games out there on iTunes Store." * www.iphoneclub.nl: "(...) you can enjoy it, and if you like the genre, you won't be disappointed." (from Dutch)Compete with these hard-boiled veterans in multiple locations to win the CarDust Tournament. Test your mettle in six battered, bizarre, age-old vehicles trying to cross the finish line in front of all others. Employ unusual, highly experimental (and probably illegal) technologies to gain an edge on your opponents! Race against the ghosts of the past - either yours or those of other racers (through OpenFeint).This package includes, among others:- five peculiar vehicles remotely resembling cars (plus an unlockable sixth vehicle!)- five richly featured 3D tracks - desolate desert, abandoned factory, outback town, ruined dockyard and mountain ridge (plus an unlockable sixth track!)- never-seen-before time warp and position switching powerups- two casual race modes: QuickRace with up to 5 AI opponents, and TimeTrial enabling you to race your own ghost, or compete against world's best driver- Big Tournament mode: race on four different tracks and score the most points to unlock extra content- three difficulty levels, making for a smooth learning curve- over 30 achievements waiting to be unlocked (including a very special secret achievement!)- full OpenFeint integration with leaderboards and TimeTrial ghost competition with the best player currently out there!Will you accept the CHALLENGE?

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#49 lowest rated IOS racing game (#691 on IOS, #27409 overall)


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