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The widely popular Driland from GREE is now available on iPhone! Driland is a card battle game in which players join forces with fearless hunters to delve for treasure in the dungeons of the world.Defeat the monsters that bar your way in your quest for undiscovered treasures.Strengthen your deck while working with friends to take down the strongest monsters and acquire the rarest loot.Take a leap into the unknown!Features:* Use cards endowed with the souls of legendary hunters to build the deck of your dreams!* Get a new card from the Card Box free every day!* Explore dungeons, collecting treasure and hunter cards!* Combine hunter cards to make an even more powerful hunter!* Compete against other players or cooperate with friends to vanquish formidable foes!* Plenty of events and cards planned!Driland is a free game from the gaming and SNS giant GREE, which entertains over 230 million people worldwide.With GREE, you can:- Play free iOS games that are added all the time.- Post photos with ease.- Search for and invite friends. - Communicate with friends through comments and pictures.- Join various communities and share your interests with friends. Note:- In order to access Driland, you will need to log into GREE. Registration is free.- In-app coins are necessary whenever purchasing items within iPhone applications. In-app coins may only be used within their corresponding iPhone application.* This refers to exclusive in-app currencies that vary by application and are fully in compliance with Apple regulations.     *Not compatible with iOS3.X.*Any in-app prizes or rewards are carried out solely by GREE Corporation and have no association with Apple Inc. Apple Japan or any of its affiliate companies.

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