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=======================================?In the free version, you can play on the "Shell Isle" map! ?More than 11 other maps are available via DLC! ?Screen alignment can be vertical or horizontal. See and play the game the way you like!======================================="FORTUNE STREET SMART" is a board game that is played using dice.The rules of the game are very simple. The player who makes the most money, wins. Players can make money by buying shops and expanding them, or buy and sell stocks wisely and hope that you'll hit it big. The deep, strategic gameplay is highly addictive, and provides for hours of entertainment!Basic Rules1. Roll the die.2. Buy shops that you land on, and receive money from other players who subsequently "visit."3. Collect the four suits (spade, etc.) on the game board, and receive a "salary."4. "Invest" in your shops to make them bigger!5. Buy all the shops in given area of the map to "dominate" that area!6. Looking to get rich quick? Learn how to buy and sell stocks in the game!======================================?Reception in JapanSince it was first released in 1991, FORTUNE STREET has been a staple of the board game genre in Japan, and now boasts over nine incarnations. Designed by Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii, FORTUNE STREET enjoys a strong following among Japanese users.The key to success in this game is to observe your opponents' moves carefully, and use them as a guide to formulate your own game strategy!?Free VersionYou can download the free version for free, and play the game on the "Shell Isle" map unlimited times. The Free version also has a built-in tutorial that will teach new players, step-by-step, how to play the game.?About the Full VersionFull version $4.99Maps: 5 total Moon City, Antarctica, Cloverland, Hemisphere *Shell Isle will still be available in the full version.Characters: 10 totalAvailable at default: Skye, Melanie, Emily, Hiro*6 more will be made available as the game progresses.?DLC PacksYou can purchase DLC Packs for this title, which include new maps that you can play on, and new opponents that you can play against.?DLC Packs $2.99 eachDLC Pack 1Maps: Mountain, Japan, BunnylandCharacters: MOCO, EchoDLC Pack 2Maps: America, Sol, Silk RoadCharacters: Steven, LuluDLC Pack 3Maps: Skyline, Freeway, ZodiacCharacters: Missy, ArthurDLC Pack 4Maps: Sea City, Dreamland, AquariumCharacters: Nell, MappaDLC Pack 5Maps: Caverns, Festival, MonstersCharacters: Baron, K.D.?Compatible devices/OS+iPhone 3GS+iPhone 4+iPhone 4S+iPod touch (3rd Generation and up)*Not compatible with iPod Touch (3rd Generation) 8GB*iOS 4.0 or greater required*Not a universal app

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