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by Sir Phoenix

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Ability Acquisition FAQ (IOS) by Sir Phoenix

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 02/19/2013

Final Fantasy Dimensions

Job Ability/Fusion Acquisition FAQ

Copyright Sir Phoenix


Version 1.11 - (03/28/2014)

General Information

The purpose of this FAQ is to list all the jobs in Final Fantasy Dimensions, and what abilities you get at each level, to include any F-abilities you may learn at that level. This should allow you to determine how high to build certain jobs if you're planning builds.

The lists are in order of lowest level Fusion to highest leveled Fusion. This way you can easily see how high you need to level a job for the desired Fusion.

You need to use the abilities to unlock the Fusion.

Job Progression

<Name [Required JLVLs] Abilities (Effects)>

Light Warriors only
Dark Warriors only
STSingle Target
MTMulti Target
HPCurrent Hit Points
mHPMaximum Hit Points

A note about fusion abilities: If they are listed with a number (3F), it means you must get to that level in that job before being able to learn it. Abilities marked without a number can be learned as long as you have the job, but in most cases you will have to be that job to learn it. (For example, a 0 level Dragoon can learn Boost Jump while in Dragoon, even though the Jump command is assignable at Dragoon 8). These "early" F-abilities are put in the list after their respective abilities for organizational purposes.


LevelNameReq levelsReq abilitiesEffect
F-ID BreakWarrior + Ranger 12Strike + Quick Shot(ST Damage + Silence)
FThunder SlashWarrior 1 or Black Mage 1Strike + Thunder(ST Lightning damage)
1CBattle Arts
3FNab GilWarrior 3 + Thief 1Bash + Pickpocket(ST Attack + Steal Gil)
3FTauntWarrior 3 + Dark KnightBash + Draw Attacks(MT Berserk + Provoke)
7FBoost JumpWarrior 7 + DragoonEnrage + JumpST Aerial attack
7FMisty ChargeWarrior 7 + Ranger 14Enrage + Backup(ST 100% hit Attack + switch Row)
13PSTR +20%
15War Cry
15FMighty WallWarrior 15 + Paladin 7War Cry + Mighty Guard(MT Protect/Shell/Bravery)
17FValiant BlowWarrior 17 + PaladinAssault + Charge(ST Damage proportional cHP/mHP deficit)
20Double Attack

Light Melee

  • 13 - STR+20 is a plus on any melee character, regardless of build.
  • 15 - War Cry is useful by itself, and Mighty Wall is an awesome end-game party buff.
  • 17 - Minimum level needed to get all F-abilities.

Light Magic

  • 1 - Get strike. All mages can wield bows or similar decent weapons, and strike is a cheap damage ability.

Dark Melee

  • 13 - STR+20 is also recommended for Dark Side melee builds.
  • 15 - Optional, but getting one Dark Warrior War Cry may be useful before your end game.

Dark Magic

  • 1 - Get strike. It's cheap and JP free, and also useful.


FGale CrescentMonk 1 or Summoner 1Kick + Sylph(MT Wind Damage)
FCapoeira[Monk 1 + Dancer 1]Kick + Drain Samba(Attack with a random ability)
1Martial Arts
3FSelf-DestructMonk 3 + Black MageFocus + Firaga(ST Damage based on HP, sacrifice)
4Lotus Strike
4FSmashMonk 4 + RangerLotus Strike + Precise Shot(ST Heavy damage + Stun)
6FPiercing BlastMonk 6 + Red Mage 8Aurablast + Attune Blade(ST Magic Damage, pierce Reflect)
8PVIT +20%
11FBone Crusher[Monk 11 + Dark Knight]Riposte + Darkness(Invincibility OR Counter Attack taking extra damage)
13FWhite WindMonk 13 + Dragoon 6Chakra + Healing Breath(MT Heal based on cHP)
15Vacuum Wave
15FDark JudgementMonk 15 + SummonerVacuum Wave + Diabolos(MT Damage 1/4 cHP)
15FTempestMonk 15 + Ninja 8Vacuum Wave + Gale(ST Wind damage)
17FPhantom RushMonk 17 + Dancer 20Dropkick + Trance(ST Attack x6)
18Raging Fist
18FSangeMonk 18 + Ninja 17Raging Fist + Image(#Attacks = #Images)
20FFinal HeavenMonk 20 + SeerEarthshatter + Holy(ST Holy Damage)

Light Melee

  • 13 - White Wind is an excellent way to heal the party for classes with high HP.
  • 20 - Final Heaven is the most powerful ability you can have, light side.

Light Magic

  • 6 - Piercing Blast isn't very strong, but it provides a -ra type magic spell vs. walled enemies.

Dark Melee

  • 4 - Smash is a better version of strike that doesn't rely on setting Battle Arts.
  • 17 - Phantom Rush has the highest damage potential of any dark melee attack.
  • 18 - Needed if you want all F-abilities Dark Side

Dark Magic

  • 6 - Piercing Blast, although it's very utility-like. Not worth going out of the way for.


1FNab GilThief 1 + Warrior 3Bash + Pickpocket(ST Attack + Steal Gil)
3FBattle OrdersThief 3 + BardFlee + Aiding Anthem(All Allies switch Row)
5PItem Finder
FSteal HeartsThief + Ranger 8Steal + Aim: Heart(MT Confuse OR Berserk Self)
14PSPD +10%
16FLife DividerThief 16 + Paladin 3Mug + PommelST Damage + Heal Enemy
20PTreasure Hunter


  • 3 - Battle Orders is a useful skill that should be learned by at least one of your final party.
  • 16 - Life Divider has a gimmicky use. It deals a strong attack then heals for almost the same amount. Useful for undead, or if you finish off an enemy with it.


  • 0 - Steal hearts is a free ability, provided you have some ranger levels. It is useful for strong melee fighters, as Berserk is like a stronger version of auto-fight.


  • 14 - SPD + 10 may be worth a look if you are hurting to fill a last blank ability slot.
  • 20 - Treasure Hunter (multiple copies of) is necessary if you don't want to farm fangs/tails for eternity.

Red Mage

1CRed Magic Lv. 1 (Cure, Libra, Poisona, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder)
FMagic BombRed MageCure + Fire(ST Magic Damage)
3PHP +20%
5CRed Magic Lv. 2 (Slow, Silence, Mini, Poison, Sleep, Toad)
FMagic MissileRed MagePoisona + Poison(ST Magic Damage)
8CAttune Blade
8FPiercing BlastRed Mage 8 + Monk 6Aurablast + Attune Blade(ST Magic Damage, pierce Reflect)
11CRed Magic Lv. 3 (Cura, Protect, Raise, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara)
FMagic Bomb 2Red MageCura + Fira(ST Magic Damage)
FDarkRed Mage + Dark Knight 3Cura + Curse(ST/MT Dark Damage)
13CRed Magic Lv. 4 (Basuna, Confuse, Teleport, Drain, Break, Bio)
16CMagic Blade


  • 3 - HP+20 is very good at low levels for all chars.


  • 16 - Magic Blade is actually a useful skillset for a melee class, with elemental damage (and healing!) determined by attack power. Also osmose blade works amazingly well for melee, and probably better than osmose spell works for mages.

Dark Melee

  • 20 - Using Magic Blade, Duel Wield, and Doublecast, you can hit 4 times with any spell.

All Magic

  • 20 - Doublecast is amazing for casters, regardless of type.

White Mage

1CWhite Magic 1 (Cure, Libra, Poisona)
FMagic BombWhite Mage 1 + Black Mage 1 or Red Mage 1Cure + Fire(ST Magic Damage)
FMagic MissileWhite Mage 1 or Red Mage 5Poisona + Poison(ST Magic Damage)
3CWhite Magic 2 (Slow, Silence, Mini)
5PMND +20%
7CWhite Magic 3 (Cura, Protect, Raise)
FMagic Bomb 2White Mage 7 or Red Mage 11Cura + Fira (ST Magic Damage)
FDarkWhite Mage + Dark Knight 3Cura + Curse(ST/MT Dark Damage)
FAuraWhite Mage + Bard 5Protect + Brave Ballad(ST Protect/Bravery)
9CWhite Magic 4 (Basuna, Confuse, Teleport)
12CWhite Magic 5 (Curaja, Blink, Shell)
FWhite DrawWhite Mage + Dragoon 13Blink + Lancet(MT MP Restore)
15CWhite Magic 6 (Berserk, Regen, Haste)
FHastegaWhite Mage + Bard 14Haste + Swift Shanty(MT Haste)
FMeltdownWhite Mage 15 or Summoner 9Berserk + Ifrit(All Allies/Enemies Fire Damage)
18CWhite Magic 7 (Curaga, Esuna, Reflect)
FEsunagaWhite Mage + Bard 17Esuna + Angelic Aria(MT Esuna)
FFull CureWhite Mage + Dragoon 20Curaga + Dragon SoulMT Full HP/Esuna)
FMagic Bomb 3White Mage 18 or Black Mage 15Curaga + Firaga(ST Magic Damage)
20PMental Discipline


  • ? - There is not a single fusion ability from white magic that requires any Job Levels spent in white mage. The main question is whether you want the passives, MND+20% or Mental Discipline to determine if this class is worth spending JP in.


  • 20 - Some people argue that Mental Discipline isn't worth it because you can heal MP with dry ethers and ignore white mage entirely. Others argue that you can effectively double a large MP pool, and get twice as many castings of F-abilities, which cannot be doublecasted.

Black Mage

1CBlack Magic Lv. 1 (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder)
FThunder SlashBlack Mage 1 or Warrior 1Strike + Thunder(ST Lightning Damage)
FMagic BombBlack Mage 1 or Red Mage 1Cure + Fire(ST Magic Damage)
3CBlack Magic Lv. 2 (Poison, Sleep, Toad)
FMagic Missile(Black Mage 3 + White Mage) or Red Mage 1Poisona + Poison(ST Magic Damage)
5PINT + 20%
7CBlack Magic Lv. 3 (Fira, Blizzara, Thundara)
FAqua BreathBlack Mage 1 + Dragoon 2Blizzara + Blizzard Breath(MT Water Damage)
FMagic Bomb 2Black Mage 7 or Red Mage 11Cura + Fira(ST Magic Damage)
9CBlack Magic Lv. 4 (Drain, Break, Bio)
12CBlack Magic Lv. 5 (Osmose, Stop, Tornado)
FDeep FreezeBlack Mage 12 or Summoner 9Stop + Shiva(ST Ice Damage + Stop)
15CBlack Magic Lv. 6 (Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga)
FSelf-DestructBlack Mage 1 + Monk 3Focus + Firaga(ST Damage based on HP, sacrifice)
FGrand DeltaBlack Mage 15 or Summoner 7Thundaga + Ramuh(MT Lightning Damage + Paralysis)
FMagic Bomb 3Black Mage 15 or White Mage 18Curaga + Firaga(ST Magic Damage)
18CBlack Magic Lv. 7 (Quake, Death, Comet)
20PMagic Font


  • ? - Much like white mage, there are no fusion abilities from Black Mage that requires any JP spent. So the only reason to spend JP is if you want to pick up the passives, INT+20% and Magic Font. Do note that for fusions that involve two caster classes (Magic Bomb 3), you will have to spend JP in one of the classes that can learn it.


  • 20 - Magic Font is a very good ability. It makes your spells more potent, do more damage or healing. To make an example, I've had a non-fonted Seer Curaga the party for 2,500 hp recovery, while a magic fonted curaga did closer to 4,000 healing per person. It's good!


1CSummon Lv. 1 (Sylph, Chocobo)
FGale CrescentSummoner 1 or Monk 1Kick + Sylph(MT Wind Damage)
5PMP +20%
7CSummon Lv. 2 (Ramuh, Titan)
FGrand DeltaSummoner 7 or Black Mage 15Thundaga + Ramuh(MT Lightning Damage + Paralysis)
FSunder EarthSummoner 1 + Ninja 7Titan + Tremor(Inaccurate ST Earth Damage)
9CSummon Lv. 3 (Shiva, Ifrit)
FDeep FreezeSummoner 9 or Black Mage 12Stop + Shiva(ST Ice Damage + Stop)
FMeltdownSummoner 9 or White Mage 15Berserk + Ifrit(All Allies/Enemies Fire Damage)
12CSummon Lv. 4 (Phoenix, Odin)
FIaiSummoner + Dark Knight 17Odin + Final Thrust(ST Damage + Instant Kill)
15CSummon Lv. 5 (Unicorn, Leviathan)
17CSummon Lv. 6 (Alexander, Diabolos)
FDark JudgementSummoner + Monk 15Vacuum Wave + Diabolos(MT Damage 1/4 cHP)
FDispelgaSummoner 17 or Seer 18Dispel + Alexander(MT Dispel)
FMoogle DanceSummoner 18 + Dancer 5Call + Frailty Polka(MT DEF/RES Reduction)
20CSummon Lv. 7 (Argy, Bahamut)
FGigaflareSummoner 20 or Magus 18Flare + Bahamut(ST Magic Damage)
FMega RaiseSeer 20 and SummonerAraise + Bahamut(MT Revive @ 1/2 mHP)


  • 0 - Gale Crescent, and Iai for Dark Melee, are both one job abilities that can be learned immediately after Kick and Final Thrust.
  • 5 - MP+20% may be a useful addition if you have ability slots to spare on a MP starved melee character.


  • 0 - If you're not using a summoner, make sure to change job to one to learn the abilities unlocked by your white mage/black mage/Seer/Magus.
  • 20 - Reverse advice: Make sure to job change to white mage/black mage/Seer/Magus to unlock all the fusions covered by your summons!


1CDragon Arts
2Blizzard Breath
2FAqua BreathDragoon 2 + Black MageBlizzara + Blizzard Breath(MT Water Damage)
4Thunder Breath
6Healing Breath
6FLively LiedDragoon 6 + Bard 9Healing Breath + Restful Refrain(All Allies/Enemies HP Restore)
6FWhite WindDragoon 6 + Monk 13Chakra + Healing Breath(MT Heal based on cHP)
FBoost JumpDragoon + Warrior 7Enrage + Jump(ST Aerial attack)
13FWhite DrawDragoon 13 + White MageBlink + Lancet(MT MP Restore)
18Holy Breath
20Dragon Soul
20FFull CureDragoon 20 + White MageCuraga + Dragon Soul(MT Full HP/Esuna)


  • 0 - Boost Jump is an easy pickup as long as you have Enrage from Warrior
  • 6 - White Wind is a great heal for high HP classes (most melee)
  • 20 - Dragon Soul is invaluable in the uncommon circumstance that you need it, and Full Cure is an excellent ability as well.


  • 6 - Magic classes have the MP, INT, and MND to make better use of the breath skillset.
  • 20 - Full Cure, while not needing MND, is heavy on MP cost. A magic user would be able to use it more if you wanted to grind it out.


1Aiding Anthem
1FBattle OrdersBard 1 + Thief 3Flee + Aiding Anthem(All Allies switch Row)
3Magic Madrigal
5Brave Ballad
5FAuraBard 5 + White MageProtect + Brave Ballad(ST Protect/Bravery)
7Lovely Lullaby
9Restful Refrain
9FLively LiedBard 9 + Dragoon 6Healing Breath + Restful Refrain(All Allies/Enemies HP Restore)
12Runic Requiem
14Swift Shanty
14FHastegaBard 14 + White MageHaste + Swift Shanty(MT Haste)
17Angelic Aria
17FEsunagaBard 17 + White MageEsuna + Angelic Aria(MT Esuna)
20Dire Dirge
20/*Heroic Hymn (You need at least one level 20 Bard to learn it, but when you get it, all party members learn it.)
20FShockBard 20 + Paladin 17Dire Dirge + Wide Slash(MT Magic Damage)


  • 1 - Battle Orders is VERY convenient if known by any one party member.
  • 14 - Hastega is considered by many to be a very necessary end-game/post-game buff.
  • 20 - Shock is awesome. Insta-cast melee Ultima. From what I've noticed, it does great damage in magic classes as well.


FValiant BlowPaladin + Warrior 17Assault + Charge(ST Damage proportional cHP/mHP deficit)
1CHoly Blade
3FLife DividerPaladin 3 + Thief 16Mug + Pommel(ST Damage + Heal Enemy)
7Mighty Guard
7FMighty WallPaladin 7 + Warrior 15Warcry + Mighty Guard(MT Protect/Shell/Bravery)
9FAlabaster VeilPaladin 9 + SeerGuard + Benediction(ST Protect/Shell/Haste/Regen)
11PDamage > HP
17Wide Slash
17FShockPaladin 17 + Bard 20Dire Dirge + Wide Slash(MT Magic Damage)
20Ivory Slash


  • 14 - Doublehand is necessary to have post-game damage. It can be skipped if you want a more defensive character, but only then.
  • 17 - Wide slash is a good grinding ability, and Shock is an amazing crowd clearer.
  • 20 - Ivory slash is almost as powerful as Final Heaven, and works in a pinch.


  • 7 - Mighty Wall is an amazing buff for the party buffer.
  • 9 - Alabaster Veil is also great, and is probably the best ST buff there is.


FFinal HeavenSeer + Monk 20Earthshatter + Holy(ST Holy Damage)
1FDispelgaSeer 1 + Summoner 17 or Seer 18 + SummonerDispel + Alexander(MT Dispel)
FAlabaster VeilSeer + Paladin 9Guard + Benediction(ST Protect/Shell/Haste/Regen)
18CWhite Magic Lv. 8
20FMega RaiseSeer 20 + SummonerAraise + Bahamut(MT Revive @ 1/2 mHP)


  • 0 - Final Heaven is the most powerful light side attack. If you have decent monk levels, go for this.


  • 20 - Araise is a very important ability in endgame, and Mega Raise is useful to have.


FSmashRanger + Monk 4Lotus Strike + Precise Shot(ST Heavy damage + Stun)
2Aim: Mouth
4Aim: Legs
8Aim: Heart
8FSteal HeartsRanger 8 + ThiefSteal + Aim: Heart(MT Confuse OR Berserk Self)
12Quick Shot
12FID BreakRanger 12 + WarriorStrike + Quick Shot(ST Damage + Silence)
14FMisty ChargeRanger 14 + Warrior 7Enrage + Backup(ST 100% hit Attack + switch Row)
16Attack: Vitals
20FMidareyukiRanger 20 + Ninja 18Spreadshot + Assassinate(ST Attack x3)


  • 0 - Smash is an excellent pickup ability, and should demand all dark melee warriors to hit Monk to level 4. It's worth the 1 JP!
  • 14 - Misty Charge is useful when the parties are split. It allows you to change row while still hitting hard. It also looks cool. Also, combine Backup with an all-hit weapon such as the autocrossbow, and it becomes both effective and fun for grinding.
  • 20 - Spreadshot is the most powerful regular ability in the game. Midareyuki is the best looking attack in the game.


  • 18 - Alchemy is one of the best support commands. Phoenix Down + Elixir? Antidote + x-potion? Dry ether + dry ether? It is very useful.

Dark Knight

1CDark Blade
FBone CrusherDark Knight + Monk 11Riposte + Darkness(Invincibility OR Counter Attack taking extra damage)
3FDarkDark Knight 3 + Red Mage or White MageCura + Curse(ST/MT Dark Damage)
5Onyx Wave
9CDraw Attacks
FTauntDark Knight + Warrior 3Bash + Draw Attacks(MT Berserk + Provoke)
11PAbsorb HP
14Last Resort
17Final Thrust
17FIaiDark Knight 17 + SummonerOdin + Final Thrust(ST Damage + Instant Kill)
20Ebony Slash
20FDark StarDark Knight 20 + MagusMeteor + Ebony Slash(MT Dark Damage)


  • 7 - Backliner is a great passive ability that doubles DEF and is useful for Rangers and Ninja.
  • 14 - Last resort is a huge dps improvement when used correctly. It makes Dark Blade a good secondary set.


  • 20 - Dark Star is one of the more powerful magic abilities, even if it does require a full job grind. At least leveling a dark knight isn't exactly a painful process.


1Drain Samba
1FCapoeiraDancer 1 + Monk 1Kick + Drain Samba(Attack with a random ability)
3Osmose Dance
5Frailty Polka
5FMoogle DanceDancer 5 + Summoner 18Call + Frailty Polka(MT DEF/RES Reduction)
9Heal Waltz
13Slow Minuet
16Wonder Step
16FMaledictionDancer 17 + Ninja 14Wonder Step + Stunner(ST copy status to target)
20FPhantom RushDancer 20 + Monk 17Dropkick + Trance(ST Attack x6)


  • 20 - Trance/Phantom Rush is about the only reason to go through Dancer.


2Healing Pill
4Noxious Gas
7FSunder EarthNinja 7 + SummonerTitan + Tremor(Inaccurate ST Earth Damage)
8FTempestNinja 8 + Monk 15Vacuum Wave + Gale(ST Wind damage)
13Smoke Bomb
14FMaledictionNinja 14 + Dancer 17Wonder Step + Stunner(ST copy status to target)
16Resorative Pill
17FSangeNinja 17 + Monk 18Raging Fist + Image(#Attacks = #Images)
18FMidareyukiNinja 18 + Ranger 20Spreadshot + Assassinate(ST Attack x3)
20PDual Wield


  • 18 - Midareyuki is a very nice ability, and the best looking one to boot.
  • 20 - Dual Wield is necessary to get the best damage output for Dark Side Characters.


  • 8 - Tempest is a tiny bit stronger than Leviathan, and isn't very useful.


FDark StarMagus + Dark Knight 20Meteor + Ebony Slash(MT Dark Damage)
1FGigaflareMagus 18 or Summoner 20Flare + Bahamut(MT Magic Damage)
2CBoost Element
18CBlack Magic Lv. 8


  • 0 - If you have a mastered Dark Knight, Dark Star is a free fusion.
  • 16 - If you are abusing the Boost Element skillset to make Phantom Rush hurt more, enlight is the most abusable ability of the set.


  • 1 - If you're a Dark Magic user going the summoner route, pick up 1 level in Magus to unlock Gigaflare.
  • 20 - If you're not going summoner, this really is the only choice left.

Free Fusion Abilities

Free Fusion Abilities are any F-abilities that do not need any JP spent in order to learn them, and at most require only level 3 in a particular job. These are generally not powerful, but a few have some uses.

  • Gale Crescent: Kick + Sylph: Monk 1 or Summoner 1
  • Magic Bomb: Cure + Fire: White Mage 1 or Black Mage 1, Red Mage 0
  • Magic Bomb 2: Cura + Fira: Red Mage 0
  • Magic Missile: White Mage 1 or Black Mage 3, Red Mage 0
  • Nab Gil: Bash + Pickpocket: Warrior 3 and Thief 1
  • Self-Destruct: Focus + Firaga: Monk 3 and Black Mage
  • Thunder Slash: Strike + Thunder: Warrior 1 or Black Mage 1
  • Aqua Breath: Blizzara + Blizzard Breath: Black Mage and Dragoon 2
  • Battle Orders: Flee + Aiding Anthem: Thief 3 and Bard
  • Capoeira: Kick + Drain Samba: Monk 1 and Dancer 1
  • Dark: Cura + Curse: Dark Knight 3 and (White Mage/Red Mage)
  • Taunt: Bash + Draw Attacks: Warrior 3 and Dark Knight

One Job Fusions

One Job Fusions are any F-abilities that don't require you to set a different job. They are very few and only apply to Red Mage.

  • Magic Bomb: Cure + Fire: White Mage 1 or Black Mage 1, Red Mage 0
  • Magic Bomb 2: Cura + Fira: Red Mage 0
  • Magic Missile: White Mage 1 or Black Mage 3, Red Mage 0

High Value Fusions

Here is a list of fusion abilities that I find particularly useful, with explanations.

  • Thunder Slash - Thunder Slash is not a strong physical attack. The warrior attack strike hits harder and costs less MP. Yet, it has one important use. There are many (good) weapons in the game that have an elemental property, and many enemies in the game that absorb certain elements. Thunder slash forces the element of your weapon to be lightning, which is useful if an enemy would otherwise absorb your attack.
  • Deep Freeze - It is almost as powerful as the useful Comet spell, and is obtainable for light side magic users. The stop effect is a bonus, and there are relatively few enemies that absorb ice.
  • Gale Crescent - Many melee classes do not get a multi-target attack. Gale Crescent is an upgraded version of kick, does not cost JP, and does not require to be in a specific class.
  • Boost Jump - This is a powerful physical ability that is almost as powerful as final heaven, and is available early on for light side. It has the defensive advantages of jump.
  • Final Heaven - The most powerful physical ability light side can learn, and forces your element to be holy, which fortunately, very few monsters absorb. Quick charge time and low cost around post-game where is where it will be used most.
  • Mighty Wall - For having the awesome effect of war cry, combined with protect and shell.
  • Shock - I consider this the melee version of Ultima. Insta-cast and very powerful.
  • White Wind - This allows a high HP class to heal as effectively as a white mage/Seer, and ignores MND.
  • Midareyuki - High damage ability that IMO, has the coolest visual effect in the game.
  • Misty Charge - Useful ability when the parties are split for when the dark warriors get attacked from behind.
  • Phantom Rush - Highest potential damage on dark side melee fighters. On dual wielders, will combine traits of both weapons, to include element and 'killer'-type abilities. Allows abuse of boost magic.
  • Steal Hearts - Berserk raises physical damage, and this either casts a self-berserk or a multi-target confuse.
  • Smash - A more powerful version of strike, and very useful in the dark warrior chapters for melee.

Job Progression Suggestions

Here I will detail paths through which can be followed throughout the game to pick up good passives and setup for f-abilities for later. The numbers dictate "stopping points", where you can opt to stop and move on to a new job, or continue to the next "stopping point" to squeeze out more utility from the current job for later use.

Light Melee 1 (Paladin)

  1. Thief 3 - Flee, in order to get Battle Orders later.
  2. Warrior 15/17 - War Cry and possibly Assault.
  3. Dragoon 0 - Enrage allows instant learning of Boost Jump
  4. Bard 5/14/17/20 - The songs at these levels set up for Aura, Hastega, Esunaga, and Shock.
  5. Paladin 20 - Picking up War Cry will allow Mighty Wall, Assault will allow Valiant Blow, and Wide Slash will allow Shock. While Final Heaven wasn't picked up, Ivory Slash does a darn good job of coming close. Doublehand is picked up automatically.

Light Melee 2 (Dragoon)

  1. Warrior 7 - Enrage to allow for Boost Jump
  2. Monk 20 - Allows for White Wind and Final Heaven
  3. Dragoon 20 - Boost Jump, White Wind, Full Cure.
  4. Paladin 14 - Doublehand

Light Magic 1 (Seer)

  1. Red Mage 20 - Doublecast
  2. Black Mage 20 - Magic Font
  3. Seer 20 - White Magic 8, Araise. Can also now set white magic 8 and learn all f-abilities that require a white magic spell, such as Magic Bomb 3, Dispelga, Mega Raise...
  4. (Optional) Bard 5/14/17 - Aura, Hastega, Esunaga.

Dark Melee 1 (Ninja)

  1. Monk 4 - Lotus Strike for Smash
  2. Warrior 13 - STR + 20
  3. Ranger 20 - Smash, Misty Charge, Spreadshot, Alchemy
  4. Dark Knight 7 - Backliner
  5. Ninja 20 - Midareyuki, Dual Wield

Dark Melee 2 (Ninja)

  1. Monk 17/18 - 17 gets Raging Fist for Phantom Rush, but one more level will get you all f-abilities from the class. Sange isn't very useful, but it's worth mentioning.
  2. Ranger 0 - SMASH! (Also note, getting smash is worth doing as soon as you have Monk 4.)
  3. Dark Knight 14 - Backliner, Last Resort
  4. Dancer 20 - Trance (unlocks Phantom Rush)
  5. Ninja 20 - Remember to pick up Malediction and Sange, if you did Monk 18.

Dark Melee (Dark Knight Builds)

  • Use the builds meant for Ninja, but remember to switch to Dark Knight after you get Dual Wield.

Dark Magic 1 (Magus)

  1. Red Mage 20 - Doublecast
  2. Black Mage 20 - Magic Font
  3. Magus 20 - Flare, Black Magic 8, Ultima. Remember to use Black Magic 8 within White Mage and Summoner to get all the F-abilities, such as Gigaflare.

Version History

  • 03/28/14
    • version 1.11
    • Minor typo fix
  • 02/18/13
    • version 1.10
    • Second Release
    • Added Alternative Fusion Lists
    • Added Job Progression Examples
    • Major reformatting change
  • 02/12/13
    • version 1.00
    • Initial Release

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