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Battle against other players in this extremely addictive FREE card battle game!User reviews: ????? "A pretty interesting and strategic game. Cards are unique and well designed."????? "Addicting"Features:* Build a pirate empire with over 500 unique cards!* Complete quests to add to your collection * Discover rewards in your daily treasure chest!* Strengthen your deck with spare cards* Compete against other players! * Form teams with your friends to take on the perils of the sea!* Updates with new bosses and cards! Ahoy!Set sail on the treacherous seas in search for wealth and power. Beware, danger lies ahead, but gain legendary glory and destroy it - be it man or monster! All hands on deck...gather your crew of scallywags and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! Note: * In order to access Pirates Age, you will need to log into GREE. Registration is free. * With GREE, you can: ?- Play free iOS games that are added all the time. ?- Search for and invite friends. Terms of Use:By downloading you agree to our Terms of Use.http://id.gree.net/?action=misc_tos_generic&page=terms*Any in-app prizes or rewards are carried out solely by GREE, Inc. and have no association with Apple Inc., Apple Japan, or any of its affiliate companies.

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