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How much do you know about '80s television? Put your knowledge to the test with hundreds of questions about all of your favorite TV shows and television events of the 1980s!Find questions about all of the '80s iconic shows, including Family Ties, Magnum P.I., The Golden Girls, Dallas, The Cosby Show, Silver Spoons, Charles in Charge, and... well, there are way too many to name!In addition, several of the questions unlock trivia tidbits that give funny and insightful information and anecdotes that take you behind the scenes of your favorite shows. Try to unlock them all!Here's what people are saying about Tidbit Trivia:"What'chu talking about, Willis?! Tidbit Trivia is the best!" -- Arnold Jackson, Diff'rent Strokes"I just love it when a good trivia game comes together." -- John 'Hannibal' Smith, The A-Team"Yo." -- Nick, Family TiesFeatures:*** More than 300 questions about television's most iconic and memorable decade*** More than 25 Trivia Tidbits to unlock*** Compete with friends via Game Center

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