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The island is quiet now. The king’s scholars worked desperately to repair the Tome but their efforts were for naught. Will the days of prosperity ever return?That is for you to decide.OPEN CUSTOMIZATION!The island is yours to build as you see fit! A WORLD OF MAGIC!Combine magical items to create newer and better items that will be essential for the development of your island. RACE TO THE TOP!Strive to be #1 among in 4 different categories of rankings. Receive daily evaluations of your progress. AWESOME FEATURES INCLUDE:• A unique Synthesizing mechanic that lets you combine items to discover new ones!• An entire island for you to fully customize with your own style and design• Compare your island to others through Global Rankings!• Share and trade knowledge with friends to build a better island!• Choose from over 50 buildings!• Over 100 items to discover!• Over 60 missions to complete!Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arcane-Shores/233452473421585

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