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    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Against All OddsKill 5 enemies in a match while under 25% energy.
    Be a NemesisBe Someone's Nemesis 500 times
    Capture The Flag Matches WonWin 250 Capture the Flag Matches
    Capture the Point Matches WonWin 250 Capture the Point Matches
    Cheating DeathHave less than 10% of your energy, then regenerate fully 10 times in a match.
    Combo BreakerKill an enemy with a killchain higher than 5.
    CTF: Enemies StoppedStop 500 Enemies from Stealing Your Flag
    CTF: Flags CapturedCapture 500 Enemy Flags
    CTF: Flags SecuredSecure 500 Flags
    CTF: Points ScoredScore 500 Points
    CTP: Enemies StoppedStop 500 Enemies from Capturing a Point
    CTP: Points CapturedCapture 500 Points
    CustomizationUnlock 3 weapon add-ons.
    Death from AboveKill an enemy while flying.
    DominatorKill the same player 10 times in a match.
    First KillsPerform 500 First Kills
    Fly SwatterKill a flying enemy.
    Free-for-All Matches WonWin 250 Free-for-All Matches
    Freeze Tag Matches WonWin 250 Freeze Tag Matches
    Freeze Tag: Enemies FrozenFreeze 500 Enemies
    Freeze Tag: Teammates ThawedThaw 500 Teammates
    Full ArmoryWield 7 weapons in a match.
    Get RevengeGet 500 Revenge Kills
    Ghost in the MachineKill 10 enemies with the Mech.
    HijackedHijack a vehicle after killing its driver.
    I'm SorryKill 1 friend using melee.
    In Your Face!Unlock 5 kill signatures.
    InstaGib Matches WonWin 250 InstaGib Matches
    Iron ManSurvive getting hit by 5 grenades in a match.
    Kills Using: AssassinGet 250 Kills using Assassin
    Kills Using: Dr. SlowGet 250 Kills using Dr. Slow
    Kills Using: Energy DrainGet 250 Kills using Energy Drain
    Kills Using: KamikazeGet 250 Kills using Kamikaze
    Kills Using: RageGet 250 Kills using Rage
    Kills Using: Serpent StingGet 250 Kills using Serpent Sting
    Kills Using: SharpshooterGet 250 Kills using Sharpshooter
    Kills While FlyingGet 250 Kills: While Flying
    Kills while Having Battle-Ready ActiveGet 250 Kills while having Battle-Ready Active
    Kills with Anxious EquippedGet 250 Kills with Anxious Equipped
    Kills with Armor-Piercing Bullets EquippedGet 500 Kills: Armor-Piercing Bullets Equipped
    Kills with Assault RifleGet 500 Kills: Assault Rifle
    Kills with Barrel Enhancement EquippedGet 500 Kills: Barrel Enhancement Equipped
    Kills with Biosteel Armor ActiveGet 250 Kills with Biosteel Armor Active
    Kills with Carbon Steel Armor EquippedGet 250 Kills with Carbon Steel Armor Equipped
    Kills with Chemical Grenade EquippedGet 250 Kills: Chemical Grenade Equipped
    Kills with Drunken MasterGet 250 Kills with Drunken Master Equipped
    Kills with Energy Flux Capacitor EquippedGet 250 Kills with Energy Flux Capacitor Equipped
    Kills with Explosive Grenade EquippedGet 250 Kills: Explosive Grenade Equipped
    Kills with Extended Mag. EquippedGet 500 Kills: Extended Mag. Equipped
    Kills with Faster Reload EquippedGet 500 Kills: Faster Reload Equipped
    Kills with FlamethrowerGet 500 Kills: Flamethrower
    Kills with Grenade LauncherGet 500 Kills: Grenade Launcher
    Kills with HandgunGet 500 Kills: Handgun
    Kills with Invincibility ActiveGet 250 Kills with Invincibility Active
    Kills with Lightning GunGet 500 Kills: Lightning Gun
    Kills with Mechanic EquippedGet 250 Kills with Mechanic Equipped
    Kills with MinesGet 250 Kills: Mines
    Kills with Muscle Fiber Implant EquippedGet 250 Kills with Muscle Fiber Implant Equipped
    Kills with Plasma GunGet 500 Kills: Plasma Gun
    Kills with RailgunGet 500 Kills: Railgun
    Kills with Recoil Stabilizer EquippedGet 500 Kills: Recoil Stabilizer Equipped
    Kills with Rocket LauncherGet 500 Kills: Rocket Launcher
    Kills with ShotgunGet 500 Kills: Shotgun
    Kills with Sniper RifleGet 500 Kills: Sniper Rifle
    Kills with Static Machine GunGet 500 Kills: Static Machine Gun
    Kills with Stealth ActiveGet 250 Kills with Stealth Active
    Kills with Thermal Scan ActiveGet 250 Kills with Thermal Scan Active
    Kills with VehiclesGet 500 Kills: Vehicle
    Kills with XP Booster EquippedGet 250 Kills with XP Booster Equipped
    Last KillsPerform 500 Last Kills
    Last Man StandingUnfreeze your team while being the last mobile player.
    Lifetime DeathsDie 1000 Times
    Lifetime Distance CoveredTravel 1000 Kilometers
    Lifetime Finished MatchesFinish 1000 Matches
    Lifetime HeadshotsGet 1000 Headshots
    Lifetime JumpsPerform 1000 Jumps
    Lifetime KillsGet 1000 Kills
    Lifetime Matches LostLose 1000 Matches
    Lifetime Matches WonWin 1000 Matches
    Lifetime Weapon ReloadsPerform 1000 Weapon Reloads
    Main ManReturn 3 flags in a match.
    Make It CountKill an enemy with your last bullet.
    Master of ArmsUnlock all weapons.
    One Shot, One KillGet 10 headshots with the sniper rifle in one match.
    One-Man ArmyCapture all the points in a match.
    PaybackKill your NEMESIS for the first time.
    PerseveranceWin 3 consecutive matches.
    RasputinGet hit by 4 different weapons without dying.
    ScavengerRetrieve 5 weapons from fallen enemies in a match.
    SlickCapture 3 flags without dying in a match.
    So Much WinWin 5 consecutive matches.
    Star PlayerBe the best player during a match.
    Stress ReliefKill a sniper with a melee weapon.
    Team Deathmatch Games WonWin 250 Team Deathmatch Games
    Team InstaGib Matches WonWin 250 Team InstaGib Matches
    This is N.O.V.A.!Win a match with fewer players than the enemy team.
    UnbreakableWin a match without dying.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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