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? Selected for the App Store BEST of 2012 "Hidden Gems: Games" Category!****************************Miku Flick utilizes the Japanese Flick Input method with Japanese characters. Users can switch to Romanized Lettering by selecting either Full Roman or Roman Support under Options - Keyboard Menu.****************************Achieved No. 1 App in the "All Games" Category in Japan!Hatsune Miku arrives on iOS with Miku Flick!Flick characters in time with the lyrics of Hatsune Mikus most popular songs in this new rhythm game! Match your flicks with on-screen lyrics to score points and clear songs. Each cleared song will unlock additional Miku content to play and watch in PV Mode! Become a Miku Master and challenge your friends high scores over Game Center!? Fan Service Found HereThe more you play, the more you get! Clearing songs will unlock additional songs up to a satisfying 12 hit Hatsune Miku tunes. Turn your iOS device a Miku performance stage!? Multiple Game ModesEach song features four increasingly intense levels of difficulty to challenge your flicking skills. Once youve cleared a song, sit back and enjoy the music video in PV Mode! ?Challenge Your FriendsComplete in-game challenges to unlock Achievements and compete with other users high scores over Game Center!?Supported Devices? iPhone 3GS?iPhone 4?iPhone 4S?iPhone 5?iPad?iPad2?iPad3?iPod Touch (4th gen)?iPod Touch(3rd gen ?excluding the 8GB model)NOTE: Miku Flick only supports English and Japanese menus. For inquiries regarding this app, please note that SEGA currently only accepts correspondence in English or Japanese. SEGA Crypton Future Media, INC. www.crypton.net

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