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We rarely realize that even in a calm place, such as a forest, rages a battle for survival between trees in which only one winner prevails. Experience this amazingly new realm with the game Re!Sources and attempt this feat with your own tree. Command your tree in two different modes: In the mode where you can observe and extend your tree from the outside as well as in the mode where you control a dragonfly spirit dwelling inside the tree and collect glowing items of various kinds.Use your iPad or iPhone to its full potential and experience brilliant entertainment. The game joins a clever idea, stunning graphics and easy multitouch controls to create a product never seen before. The game guaranties hours long entertainment for children from 4 years of age and adults of all ages.You are given a complete freedom to develop your tree and invent your own strategy to defeat your competitors. The tree can be constructed using a wide range of components. Nonetheless, each component has its price paid in the energy.To increase your energy simply build more leaves and grow your way to the reservoirs of water and soil. When you later guide your dragonfly into the branches with leaves or into the roots touching the water reservoirs you will notice the presence of resources. Collecting them will add more to your energy.Collecting the green, blue, purple or yellow type of resource increases your energy while the red type of resource does the opposite. Additionally you should keep an eye on the other trees that seek to cut off your way to the resources.The customer care pledge by Zoongos:We are a team of young and motivated game developers with a goal of providing our customers with the best possible gaming experience. If you encounter any difficulties please contact us directly at the email address info@zoongos.com. We will be happy to help you with any issues related to our game that you may experience.For more information about the game Re!Sources and our company please visit: http://www.zoongos.com/resourcesor visit us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ZoongoResourcesGame

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