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50 flags and seals of the United States HD
US lelesoft 498892040 Online 02/08/12 4+


Do you know the United States map?Do you exactly know 50 states flags and the great seals? The game will use a very easy way to learn these flags and seals of the United States. You need simply to touch one flag and drag it to its states’ capital location on the USA map. For the beginner you can switch on help button in playing screen. **Main feature:*-Including two small games for 50 states flags and 50 great seals. -States name pronunciation with sweet girl voice in English.*-Top record will be saved for flag and seal separately. *-Different order for these state flags and seals every time.-Help function in playing screen.-Add trivia mode for iPad version. Trivia mode will give you one states flag or seal, and let you to select the correct name. If your select is right, the flag or seal will fly to the states’ capital location on the USA map.Have fun!

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