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Touch Arcade - 'Like a Nicotine Patch for WoW Addicts'Pocket Gamer - Silver AwardApp Advice - 'Crescent Moon Games gives you intense boss battles in your pocket, similar to those found in various MMO games like World of Warcraft and The Old Republic.'App-Score 'Raid Leader is the RTS that everyone has been waiting for.'Help save the land of Eldentir from the evil and corrupted demon Belfanor and his invading legion of monsters.You, as the Raid Leader must guide a small band of Heroes through Eldentir and face the demon King in the final battle.Knight - Strong and vigilant. The knight likes to stand where it hurts - face to face with his enemy.Hunter - Fast and agile, the Hunter packs a lethal bow and arrow. She likes to shoot demons in the back! Priest - Old and wise, healing is his speciality. In the heat of battle he has a few other tricks up his rather big sleeves.Encounter challenging boss fights. Collect gold and invest in dozens of unlockable abilities. Test your skills against the oncoming hordes of darkness.Are you prepared?Features:Amazing stylized 3D graphics, monsters, characters, and effects3 Character classes 3 different playing styles15 Unique encountersIntuitive and responsive controls30+ special abilitiesGame Center Leaderboards 25+ Game Center AchievementsUniversal for iPhone, iPod, and iPadExpect regular updates with new content as well as gameplay improvements and fixes. We want to give you the best experience we can.****DEVICE SUPPORT****Raid Leader supports iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4th Generation, iPod Touch 3rd generation 16gb and higher.Follow @cm_games and @redzebragames on Twitter for the latest Raid Leader and other Crescent Moon Games news!Update 1.0.1 fixes the save issue some people have been experiencing, please update!

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