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Power up your favorite ranger to take on the evil Rofer and his army of Moogers in this stunning 3D game. Slash, block, and dodge your enemies with fierce but easy-to-use touch-screen gestures and powerful Kanji attacks. Enjoy scenes from the show as you move through each level. Saban’s new iOS game Samurai Steel even lets you transform into the Megazord for the ultimate showdown. Go Go Power Rangers!FEATURES- Choose Your Ranger: Each of the five rangers has their own strengths and weaknesses!- Simple Controls: Slash, block, and dodge with easy to use touch-screen gestures- Ultimate Showdown: Defeat Rofer by transforming into the Megazord!- Scenes from the Show: Follow along level by level with actual live action scenes from the show!- Unlock Game Center Achievements: Prove yourself as a Samurai Ranger!- Powerful Kanji Attacks: Unleash destructive special attacks on your foes with a different power move for each ranger!

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