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Welcome to a world where sunlight is nothing but a memory, where resources are scarce, and only the cunning will survive. Emerge from the shadows and walk the wastelands as one of the last humans fighting for resources, to stay strong and most importantly to stay alive.This is the new cycle of life… This is THE NIGHTWORLDMID-APOCALYPTIC WORLD OF THE FUTUREAssume the role of one of the last humans on earth as you uncover the mysteries this world holds.THIRD-PERSON STEALTH ACTIONTake cover in the shadows and calculate the perfect time to make your move.FIGHT FOR RESOURCESSearch the wastelands for food and weapons to help you complete missions. EQUIP AN ARSENAL OF AWESOME WEAPONS Complete unlimited missions with the most powerful mid-apocalyptic weapons and body gear.***The Nightworld is one of first Social Mobile games to offer a storyline fully developed through an accompanying novel written by author Jack Blaine of James Frey’s Full Fathom Five. You can download the novel from the iBook store today***

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