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Top Eleven - Be a Football ManagerLead your football team to glory! Top Eleven is the most popular online sports game in which you create and manage your own team, while competing in a persistent player-vs-player environment with millions of other players!??Available in over 30 languages!??PLAYER COMMENTS: Wow, this is what I call a good football manager gameAddicted to Top ElevenScientists have discovered a new gene in the human DNA: it is called Top Eleven and unleashes a strong passion for the game of footballTop Eleven is a football manager game where you create and train your team to compete with other players. Compete in Cup, League and Champions League seasons each month with other players for 1st place. Prepare your team in every aspect that matters: train your players, improve your stadium, and choose your strategy. When the big match starts, support your team by just spectating or change your strategy on the fly. Ranked among the Top 10 sport games in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Israel and more than 80 other countries! Top Eleven is the most popular online football manager in the world, with millions of players playing every day!??FEATURES??FREE-TO-PLAYNo daily energy or any other limits - play free forever. Take part in a persistent player-driven world anytime, anywhere!TRAIN YOUR TEAM AND DEVELOP TACTICSTrain your team and improve their skills, then use this to devise the perfect strategy for every match. Counter your opponents formation, not just before a match, but during it!BUILD AND UPGRADE YOUR STADIUM AND FACILITIESBuild a stadium worthy of your teams reputation. Construct facilities that will increase your attendance and supply your team with health packs and young players.WATCH ALL YOUR MATCHES LIVEAll matches are live. When your scheduled match is up, watch it and support your team, have your friends support you and make substitutions and formation changes - all real-time.BUY AND SELL PLAYERSTake part in auctions and outbid your opponents. Buy the top players, or those youll help reach the top!FULL CUSTOMIZATIONName your club and design your own emblems and jerseys. But dont stop there: you can also customize each player name, number and even nationality. Have full control over your team!PURCHASE OFFICIAL ITEMS OF REAL-WORLD CLUBSHave you ever dreamt of leading a team under Real Madrids colors? In Top Eleven, you can use jerseys and emblems of leading football clubs like Real Madrid, Liverpool, Milan, Arsenal, Porto, Boca Juniors and more!PLAY WITH FRIENDSChallenge your friends to friendly matches, or support them during their own!CROSS-PLATFORM PLAYPlay with the same team on both desktop and mobile. Have a match scheduled you need to attend? No problem, just connect to the game via your phone and you can have the same experience as on your desktop computer.SEND AND RECEIVE GIFTSSupport your friends with Health Packs and Skill Points, then have them send some back in return!AND MUCH MORE!We are always expanding upon Top Eleven with regular feature updates and patches.Have issues with the game or want to give a suggestion? Our Customer Care team offers support in 11 languages. Contact us at http://support.nordeus.eu/Note: A network connection is required to play. A Facebook account isnt required to play.Top Eleven is available in the following languages: English (UK and US), Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Italian, German, French, Malaysian, Serbian, Dutch, Arabic, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Czech, Greek, Estonian, Finnish, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Slovak, Albanian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Georgian and Thai.Privacy Policy: http://www.topeleven.com/privacy-facebook/Terms of Service: http://www.topeleven.com/terms-facebook/

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