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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (DS) 04/21/19 vinheim / Bkstunt_31 1.6 1055K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DS) 04/06/12 DBM11085 1.35 456K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DS) 03/05/09 Seferaga 1.6 1368K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DS) 03/14/09 Deathborn 668 Final 565K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DS) 06/27/09 Gbness 0.95 523K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DS) 12/22/08 terrisus 1.0 267K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DS) 03/24/10 Menji 0.80 106K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DS) 12/30/08 Untitled1991 0.15 145K

In-Depth FAQs

Maps and Charts

1000 AD Guardia Forest Map (SNES) (PNG) 11/01/11 snesmaster1 1.0 149K
1000 AD Heckran Cave Map (SNES) (PNG) 11/11/11 snesmaster1 1.0 232K
1000 AD Northern Ruins Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 116K
12,000 BC Enhasa Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 54K
12,000 BC Kajar Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 77K
12,000 BC Terra Cave Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 208K
12,000 BC Zeal Palace Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 249K
2300 AD Arris Dome Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 243K
2300 AD Bangor Dome Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 20K
2300 AD Factory Map (SNES) (PNG) 11/02/11 snesmaster1 1.0 204K
2300 AD Geno Dome Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 255K
2300 AD Keeper's Dome Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 59K
2300 AD Lab 16 Map (SNES) (PNG) 11/02/11 snesmaster1 1.0 214K
2300 AD Lab 32 Map (SNES) (PNG) 11/02/11 snesmaster1 1.0 124K
2300 AD Proto Dome Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 39K
2300 AD Sewer Access Map (SNES) (PNG) 11/02/11 snesmaster1 1.0 89K
2300 AD Sun Palace Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 47K
2300 AD Trann Dome Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 28K
600 AD Cursed Woods Map (SNES) (PNG) 11/11/11 snesmaster1 1.0 86K
600 AD Guardia Forest Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 142K
600 AD Magic Cave Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 75K
600 AD Northern Ruins Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 123K
600 AD Ozzie's Fort Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 60K
600 AD Sunken Desert Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 117K
65,000,000 BC Dactyl Nest Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 166K
65,000,000 BC Forest Maze Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 197K
65,000,000 BC Hunting Range Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 160K
65,000,000 BC Mystic Mts Map (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 110K
Abandoned Sewers Map (DS) (GIF) 05/27/14 StarFighters76 29K
Arris Dome: Lower Level Map (DS) (GIF) 05/27/14 StarFighters76 53K
Black Omen Map (DS) (GIF) 06/04/14 StarFighters76 116K
Blackbird Plane Map (DS) (GIF) 06/02/14 StarFighters76 43K
Death Peak Map (DS) (GIF) 06/03/14 StarFighters76 62K
Denadoro Mountain Map (DS) (GIF) 05/28/14 StarFighters76 166K
Derelict Factory Map (DS) (GIF) 05/28/14 StarFighters76 51K
Fiendlord's Keep Map (DS) (GIF) 05/30/14 StarFighters76 66K
Frozen Cliffs Map (DS) (GIF) 06/06/14 StarFighters76 62K
Geno Dome Map (DS) (GIF) 06/03/14 StarFighters76 41K
Giant's Claw Map (DS) (GIF) 06/04/14 StarFighters76 46K
Great South Swamp/Southern Glade Map (DS) (GIF) 06/05/14 StarFighters76 40K
Guardia Forest Map (DS) (GIF) 05/26/14 StarFighters76 28K
Guardia Prison Map (DS) (GIF) 05/26/14 StarFighters76 42K
Heckran Cave Map (DS) (GIF) 05/29/14 StarFighters76 39K
Hunting Range Map (DS) (PNG) 01/08/09 Seferaga Nu 94K
Hunting Range/Forest Maze Map (DS) (GIF) 05/29/14 StarFighters76 48K
Manolia Cathedral Map (DS) (GIF) 05/26/14 StarFighters76 31K
Millenia Woods Map (DS) (GIF) 06/05/14 StarFighters76 30K
Mount Emerald Map (DS) (GIF) 06/05/14 StarFighters76 48K
Mountain Of Woe Map (DS) (GIF) 06/02/14 StarFighters76 41K
Mystic Mountain/Dactyl's Nest Map (DS) (GIF) 05/30/14 StarFighters76 42K
Northern Ruins Map (DS) (GIF) 06/03/14 StarFighters76 36K
Ocean Palace Map (DS) (GIF) 06/02/14 StarFighters76 56K
Primeval Fortress Map (DS) (GIF) 06/06/14 StarFighters76 50K
Reptite Lair Map (DS) (GIF) 05/29/14 StarFighters76 42K
Reptite Lair Treasure Path (DS) (GIF) 09/26/12 Sc_X 1.0 250K
Site 16/Site 32 Map (DS) (GIF) 05/28/14 StarFighters76 36K
Sunken Desert/Ozzie's Fort Map (DS) (GIF) 06/04/14 StarFighters76 42K
Temporal Research Lab Map (DS) (GIF) 06/06/14 StarFighters76 79K
The End of Time (SNES) (PNG) 12/12/12 snesmaster1 1.0 52K
Tower Of The Ancients Map (DS) (GIF) 06/06/14 StarFighters76 27K
Truce Canyon/Cursed Woods Map (DS) (GIF) 05/27/14 StarFighters76 27K
Tyranno Lair Map (DS) (GIF) 05/30/14 StarFighters76 40K
Tyranno Lair Warp Room Map (DS) (GIF) 12/02/08 DBM11085 65K
Volcano Area Map (DS) (GIF) 06/06/14 StarFighters76 52K
Winding Passage Map (DS) (GIF) 06/06/14 StarFighters76 25K

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