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A Year of Riddles gives you hundreds of classic riddles to solve.+ 365 riddles - all accessible from the start+ Intuitive interface - tap or drag letters to write the solution+ Hint system based on points+ Clean and minimalist design+ Game Center achievementsThis game has one riddle for each day of the year. All of them are accessible right away, for you to play at your own rythm.Write the solution from the 15 letters available. As soon as the correct solution is entered, the riddle is solved.If you get stuck, the hint system will help you. Get the first letter of the solution (1 point); the last letter (2 points); the number of letters (3 points); and after these the solution (4 points). You start with 40 points, get 2 more for every riddle solved, and you can also purchase more points.Solve every riddle in A Year of Riddles!

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