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Guide and Walkthrough by froggylover66

Version: 0.70 | Updated: 04/19/2013

                           Scribblenauts Remix Guide
                         For: iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
                               By: froggylover66

1.Intro (000)

Hello, and welcome to my very first guide! Here I will show you how to do every
level in Scribblenauts Remix. I will also show you some other stuff, too.


  1.1.Table of Contents (001)
Note:To find a certain section press ctrl and f and enter a search term.

1.Intro (000)
  1.1.Table of Contents (001)

2.Walkthrough (002)
  2.1.Description (003)
  2.2.Controls (004)
  2.3.Levels (005)
      2.3.1.World 1 (006)
      2.3.2.World 2 (007)
      2.3.3.World 3 (008)
      2.3.4.World 4 (009)
      2.3.5.World 5 (010)

3.World Pass Levels (011)
      3.1.1.World 6 (012)
      3.1.2.World 7 (013)
      3.1.3.World 8 (014)
      3.1.4.World 9 (015)

4.Achievements (016)

5.FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) (017)

6.Version History (018)

7.Copyright Stuff (019)

8.Contact Info (020)

9.Credits (021)


2.Walkthrough (002)


  2.1.Description (003)

In Scribblenauts Remix, you play as Maxwell, a kid who can spawn anything-I
mean ANYTHING-with his notebook (he can even create himself). As you play, you
will use anything and everything to solve 50+ puzzles. There are two versions
of this game for the DS and one for the 3DS as well. You can also add
adjectives to the objects you create (for example you could create a green
smelly friendly flying zombie). Also when you move the camera it doesn't
automatically go back to Maxwell, but in the DS versions, it goes back to
Maxwell after about 3 seconds (which is VERY annoying). There are also many
achievements to earn. But enough talking from me; onward to the guide!


  2.2.Controls (004)

To make Maxwell move, tap and hold on the screen while he's on-screen. To move
the camera, drag on the screen with two fingers. To center the camera on
Maxwell, tap the Maxwell icon in the top left corner of the screen. To create
objects, tap on the notebook in the top right corner of the screen, then use
the keyboard to type what you want to make and tap done. The object will appear
on the screen and you can move it by dragging across the screen. To have
Maxwell wear, ride, or hold an item, drag it onto to him and, when he turns
dark blue, let go and he will wear, ride or hold it. To rotate an object, tap
and hold it and swipe across the screen. When playing, there will be an icon
next to the notebook, which will either show you hints (in a level) or let you
change the background (sandbox). In the top left corner there will be a
magnifying glass, which lets you see what an object is when you tap on the
glass and then tap on the object. Under the glass, you will see a camera icon.
Tap on it, and it will take a picture of whatever's on-screen and will let you
send it to Facebook, twitter, or an e-mail. At the main menu (the one you go to
when you tap start in the sandbox), if you tap the gears at the bottom of the
screen and tap the "Joysticks" icon, it will activate what I like to call
"Joystick Mode". In Joystick Mode, when you go to a level or the sand box,
there will be two joysticks in the bottom corners, and you can use them to move
Maxwell and the screen instead of your finger. The left joystick moves Maxwell,
and the right joystick moves the camera. Whew, that was ALOT of controls.
Hoping you're still awake, let’s get to the levels now.


  2.3.Levels (005)

Finally, we're at the levels. Here is the layout for each one:

Number: Solution
        Credit (if the solution is from someone else)

Note: There may be multiple solutions for each level. The objects you need to
complete a level are in UPPERCASE. Also, when my guide says something like,
"Create a(n) ITEM, ITEM, and a(n) ITEM." and nothing else, it means create the
items, and put them wherever in the level.


(006) World 1:

1-1: Create an AXE and chop down the tree. Grab the candy cane-striped starite.
     Note: The starite will run away from you.

1-2: Give the cook a KNIFE, the policeman a GUN, the fireman a HOSE, and/or the
     doctor a STETHOSCOPE. Note: You need to give only two of them something.

1-3: Create a DESK, a CHALK BOARD, a BOOKCASE, and a STUDENT. Grab the starite.

1-4: Create a TIRE and put it near the car.

1-5: Create a SHOVEL and FOOD.

1-6: Create a COW, CHICKEN, and PIG.

1-7: Give one SOCCERBALL to both brothers.

1-8: Create a DISGUISE and put it on Maxwell. Create a GUN and a SWORD and give
     them to two people.

1-9: Put a DINOSAUR between the lizard and mammoth and put a GORILLA between
     the mammoth and caveman.

1-10: Create a LIGHTNING and use it to kill the shark. Create two PEGASUS and
      have Maxwell and the knight ride them. Then ride across the river.


(007) World 2:

2-1: Create an OASIS and put it in the ground.

2-2: Create a SUN (easy huh?).

2-3: Create a MAN. Put him near the button and he will run into it, raising the

2-4: Create a WHALE, FISH, SHRIMP, STARFISH, AND SPONGE and put them in the
     water (Yes, sponges really are creatures in the sea).

2-5: Create a MOON (this is super easy!).

2-6: Give the boy a BASEBALL BAT.

2-7: First, put the red gate down with the red switch. Put the blue gate up,
     and put MEAT behind it. When the lion gets to the MEAT, put the blue gate
     down and put the red one up.


2-9: Create a HAT, SHIRT, and PANTS.

2-10: Create a SNAIL, SUGAR, and FLOWER and put them on the pot. Now pick up
      the potion and use it on the monster.


(008) World 3:


3-2: Clean the spill with a SPONGE, and pick up the banana and put it in the

3-3: Use RAIN STORM to put out the fire, and use an ALARMCLOCK to wake the
     astronaut. Note: if you take too long, the gates will open, and you will
     be launched in to space!

3-4: First create a WHITE CAR, then a RED CAR, BLACK CAR, GREEN CAR, and BLUE

3-5: Give the people a SAW, HAMMER, and BLOWTORCH.

3-6: Create a SHOVEL and dig a hole. Create a COFFIN, put the corpse inside,
     and put the COFFIN in the hole.

3-7: Create a BOAT and put it in the water.
     Note: if you look at the bottom of the stage, you'll see a weird creature.

3-8: Create a WATERFALL, AIR, and ANIMAL.

3-9: Create a SUN and WATER. Put the SUN in the sky, and the WATER on the

      BRIDGE over the air vent, the LONG BRIDGE over the spikes, and the
      FIREPROOF BRIDGE over the fire.


(009) World 4:

     Note: A LYCANTHROPIC MAN what you get when you expose a werewolf to the

4-2: Create SCISSORS, a HAIRDRYER, and BLONDE HAIRDYE and give them to the lady
     next to the chair.

4-3: Create a MATCH, DUST, SPIDER, and DISEASE. Put the SPIDER in the cell next
     to the doctor, the MATCH in the cell next to the fireman, the DUST in the
     cell next to the janitor, and the FRIENDLY SNAKE in the cell next to the
     psychologist (make sure that the items do not hurt anybody).

4-4: Put a FIRE near the man. Then, give FOOD to the man.

4-5: Create a SHOVEL, and dig under the whale until it is in the water.

4-6: Give the boy a TEDDY BEAR. When he's asleep, grab the tooth and put money
     on his bed.

4-7: Kill the alligator with RED MAGIC, and the watch will pop out (along with
     a dove....EWWWW!). Put WINGS on Maxwell and fly over to the watch and pick
     it up. Fly back to the pirate and drop the watch.

4-8: Give the barber SCISSORS. Now, create a TRASH CAN and put the garbage in
     it. Give Maxwell a GUN and shoot the targets by tapping them and tapping

4-9: Quickly create a GUN and give it to the man!
     Note: You have to do this fast or else you will fail the level.

4-10: Create CANCER, LEO, and TAURUS. Note:You can also create: ARIES, SCORPIO,


(010) World 5:

5-1: Create a PAINTBRUSH (put the color that it tells you at the beginning of
     the level in front of PAINTBRUSH), and paint the things that are
     supposed to be that color. Note: if the items are high up, put WINGS on
     Maxwell, and fly to it.


5-3: Create a RED MAGIC and drop it on the bogeyman.

5-4: Put a DOCTOR next to the patient on the ground, a MOTHER next to the
     patient with a chest, and a TV next to the last one.

5-5: Put a POLICE UNIFORM on Maxwell. Then, put a HYDRANT next to the red car.
     Next, put a GUN in the briefcase and give the dog a DOGTREAT. Create a
     FINGERPRINT, KNIFE, and DNA next to the crowbar. Lastly, put a GERMAN
     SHEPHERD near the group of rioters.

5-6: Create a WALL and put it between the zombies and the child. Then put a
     BOMB next to the zombies and use a MATCH to make it go off.

5-7: Create a COMPUTER and a WINDMILL.

5-8: Create an AX and destroy the trees. Create a FARM, FIRE HOUSE and POLICE

5-9: Put the bone next to the dog, the dog tag next to the soldier, the milk
     next to the cat, the blinds next to the window, the apple next to the
     orange, and the pedestal next to the lamp. To get the pedestal to the
     lamp, put WINGS on Maxwell, attach one end of a ROPE to him, attach
     the other end to the pedestal and drag it up to the lamp. Do the same for
     the blinds.

5-10: Mandy lives in the small red house, Zach lives in the second house,
      Samantha lives in the big red house, and Todd lives in the last house.
      Give Mandy SKATES, Zach a COWBOY HAT, Samantha a CD, and Todd COAL (make
      sure you put the presents in the present boxes).


3.World Pass Levels (011)

While in Level Select, you may notice that there is a world shaped like
Maxwell's head. If you tap on it, you can buy a World Pass for 99 cents, which
lets you get new worlds, called world expansions. The cool thing about World
Passes is that, not only will you be able to get the current world expansions,
you'll also get any future expansions too! UPDATE: Hey, everyone! I finally got
some money on my iTunes and I bought the World Pass! Yay! Here are the
solutions. Currently goes up to World 9. Thanks to MrPopsicle43 for the
solutions for Worlds 6-7!


(012) World 6:

6-1: Give the mountain climber a HOUSE, the tiger a FOREST, and the cow a BARN.

6-2: Put a LADDER next to the house, pick up the kitten, and give it to the

6-3: Put an EAR, HEAD, MOUTH, STOMACH, HEART, and LEGS in the Create-A-Tron.

6-4: Give the lumberjack a SAW.

6-5: Create keys and unlock in this order: Yellow, Green, Blue, Red.

6-6: Throw a BALL at the bottles.

6-7: Give anyone a SWORD, NINJA STAR, GUN, and a BOW (WEAPON).

6-8: Put STATIONARY MAN on each button, then use the switch and get the

6-9: Put a cushion on the ground below.

6-10: Put a DOCTOR, RACER (PERSON), and MUSICIAN on the floor.


(013) World 7:

7-1: Put WIND in the sky, equip an AXE, and put a HOCKEY MASK on. Then go for
     the scare!

7-2: Put a PANTYHOSE, FOOTBALL HELMET, HEROIC SHIRT, and equip a GUN and pull
     the lever.

7-3: Drop a BASEBALL on the ground.

     the Create-A-Tron.

7-5: Equip a GUN and WINGS and kill all the ducks.


7-7: Put a HEATER next to the egg.

7-8: Give mom a NEEDLE, give dad a GUN, and give the date a RAINBOW FLOWER.

7-9: Create a FLOWER and a WEDDING CAKE.



(014) World 8:

8-1: Put a HEATER next to the boy.

8-2: Give the old man some GLASSES.

8-3: Give the deliveryman a PACKAGE, the bodybuilder a WEIGHT, the artist
     PAINT, the special force a SNIPER RIFLE, and the rockstar a MICROPHONE.
     Then pick up the innovensions thing on the table.Note: If you look closely
     at the innovensions thing, you'll notice that it is actually a
     Scribblenauts DS game cartridge.

8-4: Create CANDY.

8-5: Give Ronnie a VIDEO GAME, Bobby a DOCTOR, and Mike a SHIELD.

8-6: Put an ALARM CLOCK next to the boy, and an OMELET next to the girl.

8-7: Give the archaeologist a MAP. Then use a SHOVEL to dig under the building.
     Then put the bones on the tables in this order: skull, cheekbone, shoulder
     bone, foot bone. Then give the archaeologist GLUE. Note: If you are having
     trouble getting out of the hole, give Maxwell WINGS.

8-8: Make a HOT STEAK, and a MILK SHAKE. Wow, we just beat this level using two
     objects instead of three.

8-9: Give Maxwell WINGS and hit the bottom of the second box in the top row.
     Hmm...Why does this level look familiar?(hint, hint)

8-10: Create DEATH and put it next to the warriors.


(015) World 9:

9-1: Put a SCUBA on Maxwell, dive into the water and take the three smallest
     fish to the penguin.

9-2: Create a PLANET.

9-3: Throw a SNOWBALL at all three kids.

9-4: Give the all of the martians a RUBY, and then put all of their rocks
     next to the astronaut.

9-5: Create a TENT, CAMPFIRE, and BACKPACK.

9-6: Give Maxwel a MAGNET and go to the second worker.


9-8: Give Maxwell a GUN and shoot the skunk. Then put a STAR in the sky.

9-9: Give the metal man a HEART, the scarecrow a BRAIN, the lion a BRAVE CROWN,
     and the girl a RUBY SLIPPER. Note: This level is based on The Wizard of Oz.

9-10: Put a COLOSSAL RAINCLOUD over the fire. Then give Maxwell WINGS, pick up
a bear, and give it to the girl.


4.Achievements (016)

Achievements are special goals you can earn in the game. They are similar to
the merits you get in the DS versions. There are 46 achievements to earn in the
game. Unfortunately, I am listing the achievements in another FAQ in order to
save space. But I will be posting it soon, so watch out for it!


5.FAQ (017)

No questions yet. Sorry:(


6.Version History (018)

Version 0.60  Published my FAQ on gamefaqs.com. Almost all sections are done.
6/8/12        Next version coming soon!

Version 0.70  Added neoseeker.com to allowed sites. Added "Credits" section.
4/19/13       Improved solution for 5-10. Added solutions for World Pass worlds
              6-12. Fixed and added various things.


7.Copyright Stuff and Allowed Sites (019)

This FAQ is copyright 2013 Vanessa Sieger. This FAQ may not be re-published
under any site without consult from the author. Certain in-game content can be
re-published on any FAQ or Site, but must be written in your own words. If the
content in this guide is published in full or with minor word change, action
can range from contacting your Internet Provider or Website Provider, to legal
action. This FAQ may not be reproduced, except for printing it at home for
game use. This FAQ may not be sold for profit.

Currently these are the allowed sites:


Here are the banned sites:


If you want to put this FAQ on your site, please e-mail me and I will almost
always say yes. If you see this FAQ on a site I did not approve, please let me
know, and that site WILL be reported and put on my banned list. Also, check to
see if this FAQ is updated on the site you’re looking at, as I may have allowed
the site but they don't have the latest version. I will always update the FAQ
on gamefaqs.com, but might not on other sites, so if I have approved your site
make sure you keep my FAQ updated.


8.Contact Info (020)

If you have questions, see errors in my guide, or have info on a level that I
don't have a solution for, send an email to vanessasieger@yahoo.com or
froggylover6000@hotmail.com, or PM me at froggylover66 and I will usually get
back to you within 1-5 days, 10 at most. Please note that I will not respond if
the e-mail is in my FAQ already. If it is I will just delete it. Also, if a
question that is not answered in my FAQ is asked multiple times, I will answer
it in my FAQ section, so check there before e-mailing me.


9.Credits (021)

    I would like to give credit and thanks to the following:

    MrPopsicle43: For solutions to Worlds 6-7.

    5th Cell: For making another great addition to the Scribblenauts franchise.

    Apple: For publishing it in the App Store.

    You: For reading this FAQ.

    Me: For writing this FAQ.

Thanks for making this guide a success!


End of FAQ. Hope you enjoyed it!

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