• Infinite Mediocre Potion Glitch

    In the crafting menu once you have the two dusts required to make them, go to potions and select "Mediocre HP/MP Potion" (works for both) it will show the crafting action as it does whenever you craft something. However you will notice your supplies don't deplete, allowing you to create an infinite supply.

    Contributed By: Robin_Dude.

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  • Titles

    Titles and Stat bonus

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AlchemistCRI+2 HIT+2, Reinforce at least 10 times
    Amateur HunterAGI+1 INT+1, Kill at least 50 monsters
    Amateur SpecialistCRI+2 EVA+2, Complete 10 subquests
    Aspiring WarriorStr+3 Agl+3, Achieve Level 10
    BeggarAGI+1 VIT+1, Obtain at least 100 gold from hunting.
    BillionaireAGI+11 VIT+11, Obtain at least 5000 gold from hunting
    BlacksmithHIT+2 EVA+2, Craft at least 10 times
    ButcherAGI+7 INT+7, Kill at least 500 monsters
    CommonerAGI+3 VIT+3, Obtain at least 200 gold from hunting
    Determined FighterSTR+3 INT+3, Ressurect at least 10 times
    Errand RunnerCRI+1 EVA+1, Complete 5 subquests
    Expert AlchemistCRI+3 HIT+3, Reinforce at least 20 times
    Expert BlacksmithHIT+3 EVA+3, Craft at least 20 times
    Expert KillerAGI+9 INT+9, Kill at least 1000 monsters
    expert SpecialistCRI+3 EVA+3, Complete 20 subquests
    God of MoneyAGI+15 VIT+15, Obtain at least 10000 gold from hunting
    God of QuestsCRI+8 EVA+8, Complete 60 subquests
    HerculesStr+9 Agl+9, Achieve Level 60
    HeroStr+5 Agl+5, Achieve Level 20
    Legendary WarriorStr+15 Agl+15, Achieve Level 99
    Master SpecialistCRI+5 EVA+5, Complete 40 subquests
    Middle ClassAGI+5 VIT+5, Obtain at least 500 gold from hunting
    MillionaireAGI+9 VIT+9, Obtain at least 2000 gold from hunting
    Newbie AlchemistCRI+1 HIT+1,Reinforce at least 5 times
    Newbie BlacksmithHIT+1 EVA+1, Craft at least 5 times
    NoviceStr+1 Agl+1, Achieve Level 5
    Persistent FighterSTR+1 INT+1, Ressurect at least 5 times
    Reputed WarriorStr+7 Agl+7, Achieve Level 40
    RichAGI+7 VIT+7, Obtain at least 1000 gold from hunting
    SlaterAGI+5 INT+5, Kill at least 200 monsters
    Super HeroStr+11 Agl+11, Achieve Level 80
    Supreme SpecialistCRI+6 EVA+6, Complete 50 subquests
    Ultimate SlayerAGI+11 INT+11, Kill at least 2000 monsters
    Veteran HunterAGI+3 INT+3, Kill at least 100 monsters
    Veteran SpecialistCRI+4 EVA+4, Complete 30 subquests

    Contributed By: celstialskye and igotsodaxp.

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