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FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/18/12

Version 1.3 6/18/12

 |   |/               \|||
 |   |                 |||
 | A |                 |||
 | R |    Nightmare    |||
 | C |   Adventures:   |||
 | A |      The        |||
 | N |     Witch's     |||
 | E |     Prison      |||
 |   |                 |||
 |   |                 |||
 |   |\               /|,' 

Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Chapter One: Tutorial 
  003b. Chapter Two: Quinn's House
  003c. Chapter Three: Graveyard
  003d. Chapter Four: ARCANE
  003e. Chapter Five: The Asylum
  003f. Chapter Six: Top Floor
  003g. Chapter Seven: Bottom Floor
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called "Nightmare 
Adventures: The Witch's Prison". This game is available on
several platforms; I am playing the PC version. This is
an adventure game about a woman who inherits an insane 
asylum. To contact me about this guide, use my email address 
ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject blank 
if you do.

Thanks to Sebastian Stöcker (ssT) for providing the ASCII 
art at the top of this guide.

002-Video Walkthrough

Would you like to see how to beat the game, not just read
about it? Then you'll want to check out this video


It comes complete with my live commentary.


Some versions of this game have three modes: normal, timed 
and hard. In normal mode, you have hints, and the items you 
can interact with are occasionally highlighted with 
sparkles. In timed mode, you're challenged to beat the game 
within a certain time. In hard mode, you get no hints, the 
items you can use are not highlighted, and Kiera doesn't 
take pictures of important clues.

003a. Chapter One: Tutorial

In Timed Mode, you have five minutes to complete this 
chapter. This chapter is an easy tutorial; your goal is to 
open the gate here.

If you look at the sign on the gate, you learn that the 
asylum has been condemned for decades. The gates are 
locked, so it won't be easy getting inside.

Look inside the window of the building on the left. It's 
covered with dirt. Do you see the ladder on the right? 
Above it is a scrap of cloth. Grab the scrap of cloth, then 
use it on the dirty window. Kiera thinks the rag should be 
dunked in water first.

Go to the right. Use the cloth on the water here to get it 
wet. Then return left and use the cloth on the window. It 
turns out the gate control buttons are behind the window!

Open the car door, then take Kiera's screwdriver. Use the 
screwdriver on the gate control window, so you have access 
to the buttons. Press the button and...

Nothing happens. The gears are broken.

You might have noticed this earlier. There's a sign in the 
lower/left which has fallen. Tap on it to move it aside to 
find the gearbox for the gate. It looks like we need to 
find five gears in total.

One gear is inside the lamp on the right, while another is 
in the lower/left, below the sign. Grab the ladder, then 
walk to the right. Use the ladder on the tree so you can 
reach the nest. Inside the nest is another gear.

Gear #4 is lying on the ground, amongst the garbage here. 
Gear #5 is right about the "T" on the sign.

Go back left and use the gears in the gearbox. Once you put 
a gear in the right spot, it locks into place. The two 
smaller gears go in the lower/left and lower/right, while 
the biggest gear goes in the middle. The other two gears go 
in the other two spaces.

Once all the gears are in place, go back to the window and 
press the "open" button to open the gate. That ends the 

003b. Chapter Two: Quinn's House

In timed mode, it takes six minutes to solve this chapter. 
Your general goal is to go through Quinn's house and find 
some information about him.

Kiera goes down the road which leads to the asylum and 
meets Anton Quinn, the groundskeeper. He's the one who 
wrote a letter to Kiera, saying that she inherited the 
asylum from her family.

Quinn leaves without saying too much.
Lottery ticket Scrap #1 is on the ground here. Examine the 
toolbox for Scrap #2, along with an extension cord.

The house is locked. Examine the doormat and move it aside 
to find a key. Use the key on the door to get inside. Go 
inside, and Kiera finds a note which reads "Vale is #13. 
Bring her to me." There is an old picture of her along with 
the note. Did someone order Quinn to lure Kiera here?

The house is dark, and there isn't much in here besides a 
fuse. Pick up the fuse, then exit. Examine the fuse box on 
the right side of the house. Pick up Lottery Ticket Scrap 
#3, then put the fuse in the bottom slot. Turn on all four 
switches, and light is restored to the house.

Go inside the house. Pick up Scrap #4 from the ground here. 
The cabinet in the lower/right has a locked Mr. Creeps 
safe. Our general goal in this screen is to open the safe, 
by finding out what time Mr. Creeps is on TV.

Open the drawer above it for Scrap #5 and a pocketknife. 
Examine the clock on the wall, and remove the battery from 
the flap on the lower part of the clock face. Then, examine 
the TV remote. Scrap #6 is by the remote. Use the 
pocketknife on the TV remote, then put the battery inside. 
Now you can watch TV.

Oh, wait, the TV isn't plugged in. Use the extension cord 
from the toolbox on the porch to plug the TV into the 
outlet. Then press the power button on the TV remote. When 
you look at the TV screen now, it says that Mr. Creeps is 
on at 11:30.

Return to the Mr. Creeps safe. Set the timer to 11:30, then 
press OPEN. It opens, revealing a lot of money, a key, and 
a lottery scrap. Pick up the key and Scrap #7. Use the key 
on the door here to get access to Quinn's bedroom.

Scrap #8 is on top of the newspapers on the cabinet on the 
right. Open the door in the lower/right. Scrap #9 is inside 
a coffee mug there.

Move the rug aside to find a hidden entrance to the 
basement. It's locked. Move the pillow aside to find a 
notebook. On the second page is Lottery Ticket Scrap #10. 
The notebook says that Quinn buried a Mr. Creeps item, 
along with a keycard. Quinn also has a lucky lottery ticket 
number sequence.

Use the ten lottery ticket scraps on the pegboard on the 
wall. Your goal here is to reconstruct the five lottery 
tickets. Each ticket has three pieces. The two tickets on 
the left are 3679, the one in the middle is 1358, the one 
in the upper/right is 3629, and the one in the lower/right 
is 1368.

The notebook says he won the lottery twice with the same 
series of numbers. That must be 3679, the one series of 
numbers which appears twice. The notebook says that's the 
code for the basement.

Take the red spider token from the lower/right part of the 
corkboard, and take the hand shovel from the bucket in the 
corner. Leave the room through the door, then leave the 
house. Use the shovel on the grave to find the buried Mr. 
Creeps item.

This is a puzzle. When you tap on a token, it slides to the 
empty spot, and one of the tokens next to the one you 
tapped also moves. 

Solve the puzzle to get a keycard. Return to Quinn's room. 
Use the keycard on the entrance to the basement, and type 
in 3679. It opens! Inside the basement are creepy items, 
such as a dagger, a story about the asylum being shut down 
by a government agency named ARCANE, old photographs and 

The computer is locked with a password based on 
astrological symbols. A chart for these is on the pegboard, 
and a chart of the planets is on the wall on the right.

Look at the computer. It has two parts of the password 
filled out.

Sun ___ ___ ___ ___ Jupiter

There are four blank spots, one for each of the planets in 
between the sun and Jupiter. These are Mercury, Venus, 
Earth and Mars. Mercury is the female symbol with little 
wings on top, Venus is the female symbol, Earth is a circle 
with a cross in the middle, and Mars is the male symbol. 
Enter those four, in that order, to open up the computer.

Quinn is playing a hidden objects game called Unicorn 
Wedding Mysteries. Find as many of the hidden objects as 
you can. Once you find almost all of them, the game ends. 
Aw, man!

Tap on the Vale file to confirm that Quinn has been looking 
for Kiera Vale. Tap on Asylum Notes to learn that the 
asylum is locked with puzzles and tricks, and Quinn has 
been unable to enter it.

Go away from the computer. A voice whispers, "He returns." 
Kiera decides to leave before Quinn returns, because it's 
obvious that Quinn has been searching for her for years. 
She sneaks out before Quinn appears, then she goes along 
the road to find a graveyard. 

003c. Chapter Three: Graveyard

Timed Mode gives you eight minutes for solving this 

You start off in the center of the graveyard. From here you 
can go left or right, or forward to the chapel.

Examine all three tombstones here. They have riddles on 
them, which will help you solve various puzzles in this 
area. Kiera adds the pictures of the riddles to her photos 

The only other thing you can do in the center of the 
graveyard now is to look at the birdhouse, near the base of 
the tree. Pick up the worm.

Go to the left graveyard. There are five things to do here: 
two puzzles and three things to look at.

1. Look at the angel statue in the upper/left. Open the 
locket on the angel's neck to get a lock of hair.

2. Look at the grave on the right. It is for Dr. Thomas 

3. Look at the grave in the middle. It belongs to an an 
ARCANE agent. We'll need DNA in order to open it. For now, 
just pick up the tile on the grave.

4. The grave on the left is for Henry, Elizabeth, 
Alexander, Mary and William. This is the grave that is 
mentioned in one of the clues, in the center part of the 
graveyard. Here's the clue:

At half his oldest sibling's age
Young Will forever slept

At half her only sister's age
Beth passed as family wept

Alex is the middle child
Interred where S is kept

You can play around with the various ages on the graves; 
there are about three or four possible ages, for each 
person. Putting these together with the clues, the ages 
must be:

Henry - 12
Beth - 4
Alex - 7
Mary - 8
Will - 6

Solving the puzzle gets you a "S" token.

5. In the upper/middle, there is pedestal. Look at it and 
pick up the lion token. Underneath, we have jewels and 
compass points. This was mentioned on a gravestone in the 
center graveyard:

A diamond south
A ruby east
An emerald west
And N's released

You can click on the jewels to move them. Have the ruby 
(red) face east, the emerald (green) face west, and move 
the diamond (white) south. This lets you pick up the "N" 

Okay, so that's almost all of the things you can do in the 
left graveyard. Head right twice to the right graveyard. 
Just like the left graveyard, you have three things to look 
at and two puzzles:

1. On the left, there is an ARCANE box with a book inside. 
Pick up the book.

2. The grave on the left has frogs and a jar. Take the jar 
for now. When we return, we'll solve the riddle connected 
to this grave.

3. The tall grave on the right talks about how the asylum 
was nearly burned down in 1886.

4. Move the rocks off the placemat in the lower/right, then 
move the placemat. Examine the skeleton underneath and take 
some of the small bones.

5. The grave in the right/middle is another puzzle, which 
you don't have the clue for.

That's it for the right graveyard. There wasn't as much to 
do here as there was to do in the left graveyard. Go left, 
then forward to the chapel.

The chapel door is locked. On the ground, you can find a 
letter which says that Quinn is a former ARCANE agent. On 
the left side of the chapel is a mini-shed, where you can 
get a hammer.

To the right of the chapel is the Wystwick Mausoleum. 
Presumably, the people who were buried here were Kiera's 
ancestors. There are several things here for you to look 
at. For example, you can see the plaque on the wall about 
the Wystwicks, and you can see the piece of paper on the 
ground, about taking DNA samples from the Wystwicks.

There is an empty jar on the ground, on the left. Pick it 
up. There is also a briefcase on the ground. Open it to 
find an eyedropper and a DNA tester. Take both of those 

Leave the mausoleum and go back to the center of the 
graveyard. Now that you have two empty jars (one from the 
mausoleum and one from a grave in the right graveyard), you 
can finish one of the puzzles here. The clue goes like 

Catch two flames
To free the I

In croaker's chests
The fires must fly

This clue tells you that you need to get two fireflies. Use 
your two empty jars to catch fireflies.

Examine the birdbath in the lower/right here. The 
lower/right side of it is loose. Use the hammer on it, and 
the water drains out of the birdbath. You get a clue, along 
with a ribbon.

Go to the right graveyard. Zoom in on the gravestone on the 
left, and put the two jars with fireflies into the frog 
statues' stomachs. This gives you an "I" coin.

Examine the grave on the right. The clue from the birdbath 
says to spell the name of the person here, and the grave 
from the left graveyard says he is Thomas Bloodwell. Click 
on the letters in his name to get a "T" coin.

Return to the mausoleum. The four coins you have found in 
the graveyard fit on the graves here. The note on the 
ground tells you the names of some of the Wystwicks.

Charles N.
Victoria I.
Abraham T

Meaning that the fourth one must be Melissa S. Put the 
coins in on the tombs, and the statue's box opens. Take the 
sun disc which is inside, then go to the chapel. Use the 
disc on the front door.

A puzzle starts. You want to rotate the four rings, so that 
the colors in the four corners are accurate. Fortunately, 
there are only two yellow spots, one which has to fill up 
the yellow in the bottom/right ad one which fills the green 
in the upper/right.

The outer ring can't have its yellow in the upper/right 
(that would place a red in the lower/left), so it must have 
its yellow in the lower/right. That means the inner ring's 
yellow must be in the upper/right. From there, just rotate 
the middle ring until the door opens.

In the chapel, you have an altar. Look at it, and take the 
key. It has five spots to put things.

If you look around the room, you will find five different 
drawings. Two are on the walls, two are in books in the 
pews, and one is on the bottom part of the altar. Each 
drawing is a clue as to what to put on the altar.

First, though, examine the angel statue on the right. It 
needs a book. Put the book from the right graveyard on the 
angel's hands. Pins fall out of the angel's mouth. Ew. Pick 
them up.

Now examine the altar. Put items on the altar, according to 
the clues in the room.

Lightning gets a ribbon (from the birdbath in central 
Sun gets hair (from the statue in left graveyard).
Stars get bones (from right graveyard).
Moon gets a worm (from the birdhouse in central graveyard).
Leaf gets pins (from the angel statue here).

Solving the puzzle causes the word THORN to be written on 
the wall, in blood. This blood belongs to ARCANE agent 
Thorn. Take a sample of the blood with the eyedropper.

Leave the chapel, then go to the left. In the middle of 
this area is the grave that was locked. Spell out the name 
THORN, by pressing the buttons.

Put the DNA tester in the slot on the right, then put the 
eyedropper blood on it. This unlocks the grave. Open the 
latch to find Agent Thorn's ID card. Pick it up to end the 

003d. Chapter Four: ARCANE

Timed Mode gives you ten minutes for solving this chapter.

Kiera sees some hooded figures go down the road, to the 
asylum. She follows, but she is stopped by a gate with a 
hand scanner. Your goal for this chapter is simple: find a 
way to get past the hand scanner, so you can reach the 

The hand scanner was set up by ARCANE, so only an ARCANE 
agent can open it. How can we get the hand of an arcane 
agent, though?

Examine the hand scanner, and take the water bottle which 
is resting on it. Then, take a sandbag from the 
lower/right, and take the pipe which is on the ground. 
Also, take the pipe in the upper/left, over the doorway.

The thing in the middle of the screen is a generator. It 
doesn't have any power going into it right now, but it has 
a crowbar on top. Take the crowbar, then use it on the door 
that is partially covered with boards.

Examine the door. Take the XI tile off of the door. Then, 
solve the puzzle. It's a simple slider puzzle. You want to 
move the eight tiles around to form a picture. The middle 
tile is blank, and the final picture is a circle with a 
seven-sided figure inside.

Once you finish the picture, take the tile from your 
inventory (from Agent Thorn's grave) and put it in the 
middle to complete the picture. The door then opens.

Pick up the pipe piece against the left wall, near the 
trash bag. Yep, you'll have a pipe piece puzzle before too 
long here.

In the middle of the floor is a slider puzzle. You want to 
slide around the pieces, so each piece is in the outlined, 
red area. There are multiple ways to solve this puzzle. I 
recommend getting the three lower/left blocks in place, 
then the lower/right blocks. Solving the puzzle gives you a 
piece of hose.

You can go left to the lab here, but it's full of gas, so 
Kiera decides not to enter. Instead, go right to the 
control room. 

There are three pipes in this room to pick up. One is on a 
shelf in the green cabinet on the left, one is inside the 
leftmost locker, and one is in the box in the lower/right 

There is a box in the lower/left, which is near the 
doorway. Open it to get a wrench. Pick that up. There is 
also a flask on the desk with the computers which are 
turned off now. Pick up the flask, too.

Leave the control room, going back to the hallway. Now that 
you have the wrench, you can open up the panel on the back 
wall. Zoom in on the panel, then use the wrench on all four 

You need to put your six pipe pieces onto the board, to 
cover up the fourteen holes. The T-pipe goes in the 
upper/left, while the Y-pipe goes in the lower/right. The 
L-piece goes in the upper/right, whereas the smaller L-pipe 
goes in the lower/left.

The piece which is straight up and down is in the 
middle/bottom, and the final piece goes in the remaining 
two spots. Turn the valve once all the pipes are in, and 
gas starts flowing.

Go outside, where the generator is. Zoom into the 
generator, then use your rubber hose on it. Kiera connects 
the gas to the generator. Press the green start button, and 
then power comes on in the computer room.

Go forward, then go right to the control room. Now all the 
computers are on. Zoom in on the computer in the lower/left 
part of the table, which has a puzzle.

With this puzzle, you move the four tokens along the black 
lines. The way to move a token is by pressing a button on 
the outer ring, a button which is next to one of the four 
tokens. This button turns green, and the places you can 
move the token to are highlighted.

Your goal is to move the four tokens around, so they match 
the symbols. Once that's done, the symbol in the middle 
starts to glow.

When you solve the puzzle, go to the other computer. You 
can do several things on this computer. For one, you can 
look up ARCANE's files. For another, you can turn on the 
ventilation in the lab.

Most interestingly, you can establish a psychic link with 
the alleged witch that ARCANE was investigating. You can't 
do this, unless you solve the puzzle on the other computer.

Once you establish a link with the witch, the computer 
screen breaks. Now, go to passcodes. The holes on the 
computer highlight certain numbers. Six is a circle, nine 
is a triangle, eight is a square and four is a star.

Now, examine the locked safe, on top of the locker on the 
left-hand side of the screen. Tap on the four symbols to 
move them. Put the star on four, the triangle on nine, the 
square on eight and the circle on six.

Solving the puzzle opens the locker. You get a picture of a 
symbol and some gelatin. Pick up the gelatin.

Leave the computer room, then go left to the lab. You have 
to use Agent Thorn's ID card to get in; just swipe it on 
the card reader. If you didn't turn on the ventilation fan 
(by using the computer in the computer room) you can't go 

There is a locked box on a shelf, on the left part of the 
screen. Kiera can't reach it, due to the poison on the 
floor. Put the sandbag (from outside this ARCANE area) on 
the poison to cover it, then tap on the box.

The box is locked with a puzzle. You need to press all the 
buttons, by starting at a specific button. The way to solve 
it is by working backwards from the center.

The starting button is in the rightmost column, in the 
middle row. It has one left. Press it, then press the 
button one left of it. This one has four left, so press the 
one four left of it. That one has one right, so then press 
the one one right of it. Keep following the instructions on 
the buttons until all buttons are pressed.

Inside the box is a casing of Agent Thorn's hand. We're 
going to use this to make a duplicate of his hand, in order 
to fool the hand scanner. The only liquid we have on us 
right now is the strawberry gelatin, so we'll use that.

Examine the note on the wall. Kiera takes a picture of his 
clue. Take the match which is near the right side of the 

On the counter here is a gas burner. We'll have to use 
this, to get the strawberry gelatin. Simply turn on the gas 
by clicking the valve, then use the match on the fire (at 
the bottom part of the burner).

Put the flask (from the computer room) on top. Use the 
water bottle (from on top of the handprint scanner) on the 
flask to fill it with water. Use the strawberry gelatin on 
the water, and you end up with a flask full of warm gelatin 

Take the flask, then zoom in on the box with the hand 
casing. Use the gelatin on the casing, and it gets filled 
with gelatin. We have the hand, but it's too warm and gooey 
for us to use right now.

See the small fridge, labeled "Danger: Flammable Poison"? 
It's under the skeleton. Use the key from the chapel on the 
lock, and the fridge opens.

Take a bottle of the poison to free up space, then put the 
gelatin hand inside. Move the temperature slider to the 
right to freeze the gelatin. Then, take the hand.

Leave the ARCANE lab now and zoom in on the hand scanner. 
Use the gelatin hand on the hand scanner. It opens!

003e. Chapter Five: The Asylum

Timed Mode gives you twelve minutes for solving this 

Hey, we're finally at the asylum! Our goal here is simply 
to get inside and solve the puzzles in the first three 
rooms of the building.

Examine the four lanterns here. Two of them have symbols on 
them, and one has a tile. Pick up the tile.

Examine the fountain here. This fountain is actually a 
puzzle. If you remember (or if you check your photos), the 
poster on Quinn's wall said:

Even Moon
Odd Stars
A Sun at 6

And that's how you solve this puzzle. Move all the tiles 
around so a sun is at 6, moons are on all the even numbers, 
and starts are on all the odd numbers. There are three 
empty slots on the sides to help you do this; one strategy 
is to fill all three empty slots with the same symbol, so 
you can slip them into the rotation when needed.

Once you solve the puzzle, you get an eyeball. Back away 
from the fountain, then go to the asylum.

The front door of the asylum is locked. The puzzle on the 
left requires you to know four symbols, but you've only 
seen three so far. Instead, look at the puzzle on the 

The hint for this puzzle was:

Make two red moons
A pair to see
And grinning bone.
Four sets is key.

You have twenty tiles here. Based on the pictures and the 
clues, it's saying you need to divide the board into four 
groups of five tiles. Each group must have two moons, two 
eyes and one skull. The five tiles in each group must touch 
each other, as well.

Here's a diagram of the solution, if each number stands for 
a different group:

13  22
33  42

If you make a mistake, the entire puzzle resets. When you 
solve it, Kiera moves inside the asylum.

Well, it looks like this place has been abandoned for 
years. Examine the portrait in the lower/right to see a 
clue (spiders on a wig) and to find a key. Then, examine 
the book in the lower/left to see a clue (the witch was 
unsuccessfully burned in 1563) and to find a tile.

You can go left and right here, and to solve the puzzles, 
you have to go back and forth between the two areas.

Go right to begin with. Move the pillow to get an eyeball, 
and move the newspapers to get a tile. Pick up the tile on 
the black bags, and open the blue box on the desk. Inside 
is a tile and another key.

Now go left twice, to the left parlor. Take the eyeball 
from the skull on the table and the rose from the painting. 
Read the book on the couch, and on page four, you find a 

Examine the mantel. Take the tile here. The picture is of 
the unsuccessful witch burning, and the book in the central 
part of the asylum said that took place in 1563. Click on 
the four numbers under the picture until they show 1563. 
This gives you a 3 token. Make sure to pick it up.

There is a suitcase in the lower/right corner of the left 
parlor. Use both of your keys to open it. This gives you a 
coat hanger and a tile. Take both of them.

Now, go back to the right parlor. Use the rose on the 
painting here, which makes it match the painting in the 
other parlor. A fuse box puzzle appears. To solve this 
puzzle, you want to turn the fuses so they all face up. If 
you turn a fuse, it automatically turns the fuses next to 

I'm told that, if you ever get stuck, leave the puzzle and 
come back. It resets automatically.

The easiest way to solve the puzzle is by touching the 
topmost and bottommost fuses, then either the two leftmost 
fuses or the two rightmost fuses.

Solving the puzzle turns all the power on. Also in the fuse 
box is a tile and a symbol clue.

With the fuses in place, you can open the paintings. Open 
up both paintings here, by pressing the buttons on them. 
The paintings have clues on them, and the left painting has 
a tile on it.

Go left. One of the two fountains is working; the fountain 
on the left is clogged. Use the coat hanger on it to undo 
the clog. It turns out that a number 4 token was clogging 
it. Pick that token up.

Go left and open up the paintings in this parlor. The left 
painting has a 1 token on it, and the right painting has a 

Go right, and leave the asylum. On the fuse box was the 
final clue to the lion puzzle on the left. There are four 
symbols in your camera, and you want to duplicate them 
here. Press C to change a color and a symbol to change 

Only certain places have certain colors, and only certain 
places have certain designs. This means, in the end, there 
is only one way to fit all four symbols there.

Up/left: Green, circle with a circle in it (and four edges 
like a cross).
Up/right: Blue, circle with a cross in it.
Down/left: White, blank circle with edge lines facing at 
Down/right: Purple, with a horizontal line in it.

Solving this puzzle gives you another letter tile.

Go back in the asylum and go right. As you may have 
noticed, there's a letter board on the bookshelf on the 
right. Zoom in on it and pick up the last letter tile.

Your goal here is to place letters on the board to spell 
out a message that makes sense. Each line of the puzzle 
contains two full words. The message is this:

Lost eyes
Ought see
King five
Ace three

Solving the puzzle gets you an eyeball. Go left twice, to 
the left parlor. Examine the puzzle on the table, in the 

There are four holes in the table. Put your four eyeballs 
in these holes. Each hole is next to a card. Move the cards 
around until the four cards in the four corners are a king, 
a five, an ace and a three. The order doesn't matter here.

Once you solve the puzzle, push the eyeball button in the 
middle tile to get a 2 token.

Go right, to the central part of the asylum. You're ready 
to finish this chapter, by solving the puzzle here. The 
clues on the paintings in the asylum said:

The way to fix a broken chime's
to point each hand to numbers rhyme.

So, your goal is to put all four number tokens on the 
board, then rotate them so they point at something which 
rhymes. For example, the top place gets the 1, which points 
at the sun. The bottom one is a 4, which points at the 
apple core. The right one is a 3, which points at the bee. 
The left one is a 2, which points at a screw.

Press the purple buttons to rotate the tokens, and press 
the yellow button when you're done. The bell rings.

003f. Chapter Six: Top Floor

Timed Mode gives you fourteen minutes for solving this 

Poor Kiera gets caught by the people in robes. They throw 
her into a prison cell. Hopefully, escaping from here 
shouldn't be too difficult, considering that the asylum is 
rather dilapidated. Besides, there are only four rooms on 
the top floor.

Examine the painting on the left wall here, and take the 
tile from the upper/left corner. There's another painting 
on the right, next to the door.

There's a baseball on a small shelf here, a puzzle on the 
ground and something shiny in the sink. For now, take the 
baseball, because that's all you can do.

Examine the lock on the door. Here, you have thirty-six 
tiles to arrange. Pull the lever at any time to see which 
tiles are in the right position; tiles that are correct are 
pushed down.

Each column is a different color. From left to right, they 
are white, blue, green, red, yellow and purple. Each row 
has the same design for all six tiles. Keep trying and 
checking with the lever until you get everything in place.

Once the puzzle is solved, the door to the jail cell is 
open. Go through it to reach a hallway. Examine the two 
pictures here. Yes, a picture puzzle is coming up in this 
chapter. Throw the baseball from the jail cell at the light 
on the ceiling and pick up the tile that falls out.

There are two rooms here, but one is missing a doorknob. Go 
through the other doorway.

Examine the window here, and Kiera sees some ARCANE agents. 
They have come to rescue her. Hooray! But instead of 
waiting for them to appear, she decides to escape herself.

Examine all three paintings in this room. The one on the 
top is of a crow. A note in the ARCANE building said 
"Crow's eye". A picture of that is kept in your camera, and 
this is where you get to use that clue. Click on the crow's 
eye to get a tile.

Open the desk drawer here to get a blue candle. Pick it up.

Examine the puzzle on the desk. It's a number puzzle. The 
numbers on the frame tell you the sum of all the numbers in 
that column or row. The left half of the board is a mirror 
image of the right half, and the top half is mirror image 
of the bottom half. The solution looks like this:

1p 2w 3p 3p 2w 1p
1p 2o 1w 1w 2o 1p
3p 1w 1o 1o 1w 3p
1w 2o 2p 2p 2o 1w
1o 2p 3w 3w 2p 1o
1o 2p 3w 3w 2p 1o
1w 2o 2p 2p 2o 1w
3p 1w 1o 1o 1w 3p
1p 2o 1w 1w 2o 1p
1p 2w 3p 3p 2w 1p

"p" is purple, "w" is white and "o" is orange. The piece 
with three white threes is in the middle. The piece with 
three purple twos is right of it. Solving the puzzle gives 
you another tile, and a clue.

Finally, examine the birdcage. It also has a puzzle. In 
this puzzle, the red birds can move right (but never left) 
and the blue birds can move left (but never right). A bird 
can only move if the spot next to it, or the two spot two 
spots away from it, is open. The puzzle resets if you get 
stuck and can't make any more moves.

One solution is to do blue, then two reds. Then three 
blues, then three reds. Then three blues, then two reds, 
then a blue. Solving the puzzle gives you a piece of red 
cloth and a doorknob.

Leave this room now. You'll never need to return. Use the 
doorknob on the door on the right, which lacks a doorknob. 
This gives you access to the room. Go inside.

There are a few things to do here. One, examine the doll on 
the left and take the magnet from her neck. Two, examine 
the candleholder on the left. It has a red candle inside. 
Take the candle. Three, examine the painting against the 
right wall; Kiera takes a picture of it.

Leave this room, then return to the prison cell, on the 
left. If you remember, there was something shiny in the 
sink. Use the magnet on the sink to get the shiny thing, 
which is a butterknife.

Examine the tile puzzle in the lower/left. You want to move 
all the tiles around, so they match the middle of the 
number puzzle you solved not too long ago.

3p 1w 1o 1o 1w 3p
1w 2o 2p 2p 2o 1w
1o 2p 3w 3w 2p 1o
1o 2p 3w 3w 2p 1o
1w 2o 2p 2p 2o 1w
3p 1w 1o 1o 1w 3p

All four corners are 3p, which means you place three purple 
tiles on all four corners. Solving the puzzle gives you a 
spider token.

Leave the prison cell, then go through the door on the 
right. Examine the pillow here, and use the knife on the 
pillow to cut out the tile.

Time for a minor puzzle. There was a clue on the number 
puzzle in the other room which said this:

Angel Red
And Demon Blue
Blue to Four
And Red to Two

We have a red candle and a blue candle, as well as two 
candleholders. The candleholder on the left is of a demon, 
so put the blue candle on it. The candleholder on the right 
is an angel, so put the red candle on it.

You'll notice the candleholders are movable. Click on the 
candleholders to move them. Have the blue one point at IV 
(four) and have the red one point at II (two).

Solving this puzzle opens the bookshelves. Zoom in on this 
puzzle. Your goal is to put the eight tiles you have into 
the eight spots here, based on the clues. The clues refer 
to the eight paintings in the asylum. For example, the 
painting of the child had three eyes, so the three tile 
goes in the "The Child's Eyes" slot.

The Child's Eyes: III
The Horse's Hide: XI
The Lady's Prisoner: A Lion
The Smoke's Symbol: A Moon
The Statue's Number: V
The Moons O'er a Fire: IV
The Bull's Brand: A Sun
The Wig's Residents: A Spider

Solving the puzzle opens the staircase. Kiera goes down the 
staircase. She has a feeling that the Witch is somewhere, 
very close.

003g. Chapter Seven: Bottom Floor

Timed Mode gives you fifteen minutes for solving this 

Final chapter, everyone! The goal for this chapter is for 
Kiera to find the Witch's Coffin and open it. If I was 
Kiera, I would have given up and gone back home a long time 
ago, but that just means she's braver than I am.

This room has some mushrooms in the left corner and flowers 
against the right wall. You'll be picking some of these 
later. Examine the flowers, then take the dagger which is 
stuck into the post. The other item here for you to pick up 
is a wooden arrow, on the plaque on the left.

There is a puzzle in the middle of the floor. Look at it. 
This is basically a pipe puzzle. Rotate the various discs 
by clicking on them, and get all the pipes to connect to 
each other. The green pipes connect the two green tiles, 
the yellow pipes connect the two yellow tiles, the blue 
pipes connect the two blue tiles, and the red pipes connect 
the two red tiles. Start with connecting the two green 
tiles, because that has the least amount of piping to deal 

Once the pipe puzzle is over, a bottle of sulfur appears. 
Pick it up.

The two statues have plaques. The plaque on the right says 
"A careful count reveals the order", and the plaque on the 
left has many letters. These letters appear on the door in 
the middle.

If you count, the letter X appears seven times, the letter 
S appears four times, the letter D appears twice, and so on 
and so forth. This means that X is seventh, S is fourth, D 
is second, and so on. Putting all the information together, 
the code for the door is


Press the seven tiles in that order, then go through the 

In this room, examine the skull above the doorway to find 
another wooden arrow. Most of the things in this room are 
puzzles you can't solve yet. In fact, the only puzzle you 
can solve is the one on the door on the right.

With this puzzle, you have movable columns. Click on a 
column to move it. You want to move all the columns in 
order to spell out a message. The message is this:


Solving the puzzle opens the door. Go through the door to 
reach what appears to be the witch's potion room. Open her 
book in the wall and pick up the blue cloth. Read the book 
to see the different types of mushrooms and flowers.

Examine the bowl on the shelf to get a star, and examine 
the skull on the far right to find a gold tooth.

Leave this room. Examine the bookshelf near the door, and 
put the star you just found into the star indentation. This 
starts a puzzle similar to the one you just solved. All you 
have to do is move the books around in order to spell out a 

You can't swap books in this puzzle; you can only move a 
book to the empty space. Just select the book you want, 
then click on the empty space to move it there. The Roman 
numerals on the shelves indicate how many letters are on 
the spine of the book above it.

The message you spell is this:


A space opens up, containing a wooden arrow. Pick it up.

Go to the room on the right. The message you just spelled 
out is a clue for the puzzle on the circular thing here. It 
says the suns must set, so click on all four suns. The 
order you click on them doesn't matter.

Solving the puzzle opens up the circular device, revealing 
a book. This book has the witch's formulas inside it. Read 
this book to learn how to make a red flame and a blue 
flame, among other things. Red and blue, mixed together, 
make purple, and the clue we found at the door to the room 
was "call forth the swarm by conjuring a purple glow". This 
means we'll have to make a red flame and a blue flame.

Here are the two recipes:

Red Flame: Mix sulfur, gold and flame blossom in the bowl. 
Grind it together and put it in a red cloth.

Blue Flame: Mix moss, dead flies and storm cap in the bowl. 
Grind it together and put it in a blue cloth.

Time to get all the ingredients! Gold is from the gold 
tooth of the skull in the mixing room. Sulfur is from 
solving the pipe puzzle on the floor of the first room. 
Flame blossom is a type of flower, which you can pick from 
near the right angel statue in the first room.

Moss is from the skull above the doorway in the room with 
books. Use the dagger to get a sample. Flies are from the 
plaque on the right angel statue in the first room. Storm 
cap is a type of mushroom, which you can pick from near the 
left angel statue in the first room.

Once you have the ingredients, return to the room with the 
mixing bowl. Put sulfur, the gold tooth and the flame 
blossom in the bowl, then grind them together. In the iOS 
version of the game, you don't need to grind them. You end 
up with a powder. Use the red cloth on the powder to pick 
it up.

Now for the blue flame. Put the mushroom, fly and moss in 
the mixing bowl. Grind them together, and pick up the 
resulting blue powder with the blue cloth.

Leave this room, returning to the room with the books. 
There is an alcove in the wall with two candles. Put the 
red potion on one candle and the blue potion on the other. 
You end up with a purple flame and a swarm of bugs.

Use the jar of flammable poison on the bugs to kill them. 
As a reward, you get the fourth wooden arrow. With all four 
arrows, you can solve the puzzle on the floor here.

This is a simple puzzle. You want to duplicate the design 
which was on the circular thing in the mixing room. Put the 
four arrows in the four spots. Click on an arrow to rotate 
it. Point each arrow to the corner of the screen that it is 
closest too.

Once you solve the puzzle, the gears spin. Press the yellow 
button in the middle of the screen, and the door to witch's 
coffin opens.

Go down the stairs here. Kiera sees Quinn and speaks with 
his briefly. Time for the final puzzles of the game!

Read the pieces of paper on the floor. The final page has 
many symbols on it. This helps you solve the puzzle on the 

For this puzzle, you want to put all nine symbols in their 
proper locations. The rows, from top to bottom, are small, 
medium and large. The columns, from left to right, are 
water, land and sky. Based on these, figure out which 
symbol goes where. For example, fish is in small water, 
shark is in medium water, and whale is in large water.

Solving the puzzle opens one bar on the witch's coffin. 
Time to solve the other puzzle, which is on the left. This 
puzzle is chain Sudoku. Each row, column and chain of four 
needs to be made up of four different animals.

Click on a tile to change it. Three tiles cannot be 
changed, and they help you solve the puzzle. For example, 
the space next to the snake in the bottom/right cannot be a 
bird or an octopus (because it is on the same chain as a 
bird and an octopus), and it cannot be a snake (because it 
is in the same row as a snake). Therefore, it must be a 
griffon. Here is the solution: 


O = Octopus
S = Snake
G = Griffon
B = Bird

Solving the puzzle on the left and the right opens the 
door. The witch's coffin is now in plain view. Zoom in on 
it to find a puzzle. To solve this puzzle, click on the 
four rings until they form a human hand, facing upwards. 
This can be a difficult puzzle.

Solving this puzzle unlocks an even more difficult puzzle. 
Here, you want to press the buttons to rotate the circles. 
Do this over and over, so the blue circles are in the blue 
area, red circles in the red area and the numbered circles 
in their labeled places.

Start with getting the four yellow numbers in place, then 
never touch the two buttons on the top to move them out of 
position. From there, get the four purple numbers in place 
and finish with getting the other colors in their spots.

Solving the puzzle opens the witch's coffin. When this 
happens, the ending scenes play and the game is over. Hope 
you enjoy the ending!


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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