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The Guardians - the great beasts created by the Gods of old to protect mankind from evil – have suddenly fallen quiet. Evil creatures once again roam the lands, and the entire Kingdom is thrown into chaos! As the greatest of the King's warriors you must venture forth and discover what has befallen the great Guardians and help restore peace.Guardian Saga is an all new retro-style role playing game. Inspired by 8-bit era RPGs, Guardian Saga is nostalgic adventure for all fans of role playing games!Features:* 2D RPG for the iOS* First person, turn-based battles* Level up and gain powerful new skills and equipment* Colorful 2D graphics* Nostalgic chip-tune music and sound effects.* 5 exciting dungeons, and numerous optional dungeons explore* Quick save feature for gaming on the go!* Universal Support: runs on all generations of iPad, as well as iPhone and iPods 2nd gen and up.* Available in English and Japanese.Press Quotes:* "fans of early RPGs will find a lot to love in Guardian Saga." - TouchArcade.com* "Guardian Saga is nothing short of a glorious homage to the classic RPG games of yore." - 148apps.com* "If you enjoy the retro turn-based RPGs of yore, you'll love Guardian Saga." - AppAdvice.com

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