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Dark Exile merges strategy gameplay with unrelenting, offensive enemies. To survive you must employ a variety of specialised space stations and super powers to combat the hostiles-who will attack everything you build.Sectors in the outer ring are under attack from hostiles of unknown origin. As Commander you have been deployed and told to hold the line. What foe awaits you and how will you protect humankind?-- FEATURES --- UNIVERSAL PURCHASE - Buy once and play on your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad! * A gripping 11 mission campaign spanning 4 hours that encompasses a full narrative following the Commander’s role in humanities darkest hour.  * Survive as long as you can against infinite waves in endless mode to record your high scores. Unique, offensive enemy intelligence that will avoid your defenses to stay alive, but attack anything within range. * Wave, Time and Resource based mission objectives ensure your goals are always changing. Space station development tree that allows basic space stations to be upgraded in 1 of 3 paths. * XP system that levels up units in real-time! * Three Super Powers that will disintegrate, detonate, or regenerate at a touch! * Environmental hazards including dangerous nebulae and asteroid belts! * Beautiful units and maps rendered in 3D. * Four difficulty levels from ‘easy’ to ‘intense’, and for the hard core gamer try ‘insane’ difficulty! * Tutorial level and help pages to assist newcomers to the genre. * Five different enemies including ones that cloak or unleash additional foes.

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