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?New Feature Battle Network is Added:Team up with your friends and entry the Tournaments on Battle Network.Once you signed up in a team, you can enjoy team vs. team battle and in-team ranking!You can now share the replay data, plus you can view the characters winning percentage against each character!*Please note that when you do update, replay data from the original version will be deleted.?Wi-Fi Match is AvailableAs many users expected, Wi-Fi match is finally available! Even if you are playing on your own, someone from far distance can break in!!?New CharactersIn addition to the characters in previous version, Balrog, M. Bison, Cody, Sakura, Makoto, FeiLong and Yun are playable!There are 22 characters overall!?Training ModeYou can train your avatar using SPs you gained from the fights or bingo.The ability of my avatar changes depending on icons or status.Even if you are not very confident playing fighting game, you can win by your style of combination!Create your own mighty avatar!?TouchpadCapcom improved its original visual pad technology.Operability is even more improved!**PLEASE NOTE**Required OS and compatible devices for Street Fighter IV VOLT are below.iOS requirement: iOS 4.2 or betterDevice requirement: iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4SiPod touch 3rd (32GB and 64GB), 4th?We have confirmed that this application will run on iPad and iPad 2, but this title is not designed as an iPad or iPad 2 application.

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