Review by Cedar-Xarana

Reviewed: 07/08/11

Here comes... Your very own tower!

Introduction - Tiny Tower lets you build a tiny tower and manage the businesses and bitizens that inhabit it!
In addition, the real time strategy/stimulation game has quite a lot of additional features like VIPs, people who want you to bring them to a particular floor, and they might even reward you, if you choose to do so, and also their own 'bitbook', which is their own version of a social networking site, where you can get some laughs from.

Gameplay - The game is really extremely easy to pick up. As every aspect of the game can be controlled by a touch screen, the game is easily controlled. The fun of this game comes from being able to check your tower's development in actual time, as I enjoy such games, this is fun to me. The control of this game is very suited for the touch screen, so it has almost flawless controls.

Story - In all honesty, there is no actual story. However, the story in this game would thus be about your tower growing and the people living inside becoming happier day by day living in a well run tower. (Another aspect of this is probably the achievements you can continuously unlock over time in this game, and watching your tower grow day by day.

Graphics/Sounds - The graphics of this game are just pixelated. A suitable comparison to this game's graphics would be to Game Dev Story. It isn't that good, but it suits the game in my opinion. The sounds are just average but since it gets repetitive, I chose to play without sound. However in defense of the sounds, it is pretty good to get a new user into the mood of this game, which is probably what a game like this needs to increase the amount of regulars of this type of games.

Playtime/Replayability - I'd say the playtime is bordering on infinite, as 100 levels take a looooooooong time, but even then you still can continue into a undefined number of levels. The replayability of this is hence in the continuous amount of effort needed to maintain a tower (number of floors is proportional to the amount of effort.)

Final Recommendation - Do you like real time strategy/stimulation games? If you do, I would recommend you it. However, I will note that the success of this is completely up to your effort in this.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Tiny Tower (US, 06/23/11)

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