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Simple but Deep Gameplay!!This is Dynamic Hunting!!Experience Dynamic Monster battles with simple touch screen controls!"Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting Requirements"Required Devices: iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4, 4S / iPod touch 3rd Gen (model no. A1318) / iPod touch 4th Gen Model no. can be found on the back of your devices.This title does not support no. A1288 as it is 2nd Gen. Performance on iPad and iPad 2 are not guaranteed.Game Features*Simple touch controlDrag to (MOVE), Tap to (ATTACK), Flick to (SLASH ATTACK).Use two fingers to EVADE and GUARD.Use (EVADE) and (GUARD) quickly to counter attack the Monster!*1 on 1 against a Massively Huge Monster!You take the role of a (HUNTER) in a fantasy environment to Hunt down vicious Monsters within the given time limit.Watch out for Monsters (DANGER) attacks! You must evade them quickly!*Customize your Weapons and Armor!After each completed quest, you can acquire materials from the slain Monster. Using these materials, you can customize your weapons and armor.You can also make new weapons from the materials.The sum of weapons that are categorized as "SWORD & SHIELD", "GREAT SWORD", "DUAL SWORDS", "HAMMER"and "LANCE", is over 100 or more weapons.*Co-Operative Play via BluetoothUsing Bluetooth, up to two players can play together.If one player fails the quest, but the other player completes the quest, both players will receive all materials collected during the quest.Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting supports the following Game Center features:*Leaderboard*Achievement Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting is custom designed for the iPhone so that everyone can enjoy the new experience of Hunting.Please note that the game features are different from the console versions of the Monster Hunter series.Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/icapcom==========================Check out other awesome games from Capcom: Street Fighter IV, Devil May Cry 4 refrain, Dead Rising Mobile and more!

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