***TEAM HOT WHEELS FLAME RIDERS - FREE ALL WEEKEND!***In anticipation of the Hot Wheels Fearless at the 500 stunt at the Indy 500, we are giving away the Team Hot Wheels Flame Riders app for free all weekend long!!! *** THE BIG EVENT - SUNDAY ON ABC TELEVISION 3:30 PM (EST)***Watch ABC television on Sunday, May 29 @ 3:30 (EST) as the Team Hot Wheels mystery driver races down a 90' foot ramp off of a 100' door to attempt a record-breaking jump at the Indianapolis 500. Get it FREE while it lasts! ***From NOW until May 29 @ 11:59 pm***Team Hot Wheels is tearing up the App Store! Introducing Team Hot Wheels Flame Riders, the high-speed track drawing game. Now you can be part of a team of world-famous stunt drivers assembled to take motorsports to the next level. Drive the four Team Hot Wheels vehicles through numerous daredevil stunts to test speed, agility and endurance. Have you got what it takes?Carve out your own tracks and take on massive jumps, mid-air rings of fire, flying mines, and deadly bombs in an unforgiving desert challenge. Blast your way through fire-breathing tiki heads, exploding puffer fish and the biggest great white youve ever seen in Shark Park. Team Hot Wheels Flame Riders brings tight controls and fast, smooth, addictive track drawing to 9 different levels of awesome action spread across three different worlds. Defy the odds and feel the thrill as you outrun giant predators, deadly twisters!**** FULLY LOADED **** - Tight, Responsive Track-Drawing Controls- Rad Car Physics- 3 Awesome Worlds Inspired by Team Hot Wheels - 9 Insane Levels - High-Score Leaderboards. **** TEAM HOT WHEELS VEHICLES**** Red Driver Moto X Blue Driver - Drift Green Driver - Rally Yellow Driver - Off-Road Build your collection! More Hot Wheels legacy cars and track layouts available soon via In-App Purchase.

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