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#1 Paid Game on the App Store in United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Netherlands & Germany!-------------------------------------------------------------------------Make way for the best Soccer game on iOS devices. First Touch Soccer represents the most complete, realistic and addictive Soccer sim available. Brought to you by the same team that gave you the award winning X2 Soccer series, First Touch Soccer is the true next-generation of iOS Soccer games.-------------------------------------------------------------------------"With an air of professionalism, First Touch Soccer delivers a consummate football experience, representing a new high water mark for the genre on iPhone" - Pocketgamer.com"The graphics in First Touch Soccer are amazing" Toucharcade.com"First Touch Soccer is a very strong sports sim with responsive gameplay" - Kotaku.com"The best Football/Soccer game on the iPhone" iphonegameruk.com-------------------------------------------------------------------------SMART AI, RAPID GAMEPLAY & VIVID VISUALSIntelligent defensive and attacking player AI form a challenging and addictive experience. With intuitive controls, excellent visuals and Retina display. First Touch Soccer is the complete Soccer package, pick it up today!BE A CONTROL FREAKLand a 30 yard pass on a penny with the new Freedom Control mechanics. Use our original floating 360 degree analogue stick to pass, lob and shoot precisely where you want.PLAY AS ANY TEAM ACROSS MULTIPLE MODESOver 250 club teams, 30 competitions and 7 game modes! Season mode lets you prove your endurance over a whole season rather than just knocking out a few teams in a tournament. Not selfish enough for you? Then feel free to go it alone in STAR PLAYER mode.CREATE YOUR VERY OWN DREAM TEAMDream Team mode is bigger and better and lets you build up your ideal team from players all over the world, past and present! Use the Kit Editor to design home and away kits for your team and then take on the world!GET CLOSEROver 60 unique celebrations, realistic cameras and smooth animations get you closer to match day. Coupled with full Retina support you will feel like you are in the game.BRAGGING RIGHTSChallenge your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Show off audacious dribbles and outrageous goals with the new YouTube upload feature. Participate in regular Goal of the Month competitions via First Touch Soccers buzzing community sites!CHALLENGE FRIENDS VIA LOCAL WIFI OR BLUETOOTHCreate your own friendly matches over Local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth against your buddies. GO GLOBALFed up of putting a cricket score past your friends? Test your skills online against players all over the world! (Game Center devices only)GOSSIP FIXGet the latest news delivered straight to your device via an RSS Feed. The feed can be customised so if you have a preferred source, edit away.-------------------------------------------------------------------------Exclusive soundtrack provided by Charly Coombes & The New Breed, Spring Offensive, A Silent Film, Alphabet Backwards & My Other Life.We hope you enjoy playing First Touch Soccer; it wouldnt be this good without valued fan feedback.Unbelievably good so addictive Wingaz1983I love it! since I bought this game I cant stop playing! Casepc23Check out more user quotes @ http://www.teamfirsttouch.com/wp/?p=784Let us know how weve done, enter competitions or just generally get involved in what were up to...VISIT US: teamfirsttouch.comLIKE US: facebook.com/firsttouchgameFOLLOW US: twitter.com/teamfirsttouch WATCH US: youtube.com/teamfirsttouch

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