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BLAST into space on a brand new interstellar adventure guaranteed to blow you out of this universe! Nyan Cat! is the official iOS application designed by the creator of the brand new internet sensation, Nyan Cat!  Fly freely through space painting the stars with your rainbow of happiness in Nyanstop mode.  Freely move Nyan Cat around with easy and responsive touch controls to make beautiful ripples and waves with his rainbow tail.  See which of your friends is the biggest Nyan Cat fan with Game Center leaderboards!  Take a break from your day and get some encouragement from Lovebot.  Check out our super cute, retro game style graphics!  Can you unlock all four achievements??  It's all happiness, rainbows, and clear starry nights here on Nyan Cat! Coming soon:New adventures! Are you a tough enough delicious rainbow pastry cat dude to survive??New characters exclusively made by the original creator of Nyan Cat!Twitter and Facebook support so you can show off high scores to your friends! We really hope you enjoy Nyan Cat and are excited to bring you many fun, action-packed features in the future.  Download Nyan Cat! today!

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