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Can you grow your small kennel into a world-class pet hotel getaway?PLEASE NOTE: This game allows you to purchase items in the game for real money. Please disable in-app-purchases on your device if you don’t want this feature to be accessible.Build a hotel with special themed rooms which then unlock new pets to stay at your luxury pet resort. Pets can sleep at the hotel as well as enjoy many fun activities, all created by YOU! -----------------------------------------------LOTS OF AWESOME FEATURES!- Over 60 different rooms of all themes, shapes and sizes- More than 50 different pets from cute puppies to exotic dragons- Hire lots of staff to care for your pets- Build fun rooms for pets to play with staff and with other pets- Use connectors to create hotels with really creative and different layouts- Collect money from your guests and use it to build an even better hotel- Unlock new rooms and animals at every new level- Discover new pets unlocked by upgrading room- Decorate the outside of your hotel to attract more customers- Visit your friends and play together- Works on the iPod Touch, all iPhones and the iPadWe hope you enjoy Pet Hotel, brought to you by the people behind Tap Zoo, Tap Store and many others!

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