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Moving Day - part balancing, part racing, stacks of fun!

Moving Day is OpenFeint Enabled!

Roll up!
For hours of fun helping Alfie with his Home Removal business!
Alfie's impatient assistant keeps driving off before Alfie has finished packing; leaving a bundle of boxes and a string of items strewn on the street.
It's up to YOU to help Alfie get the boxes back to van as fast as you can!

Get your Skates on!
Tilt to speed up and slow down, faster times means more points.
Scroll to move Alfie up and down, avoiding street obstacles, tripping hazards and even Cats & Dogs!

Pick up dropped items from the van by steering into them for points.
Balance as many boxes as you can and get them to the end for BIG points.
If you trip, make sure you restack the boxes in time.
Trip too many times and it's game over, collect cups of tea for extra lives.

Moving on up!
Pass the game between friends and family to see who can score the highest!

Moving Day features 3 streets; ranging from easy street to the hard way containing fun for all the family, can you master the 24 levels of madness?
Compare scores online with OpenFeint and Game Centre integration and earn the respect of your friends with achievements!

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