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?????Retro Shooting TowerDefense?????*FreeAppReport.com Featured App[Story]Long time ago, the Devil attacked the world made up of seven kingdoms. For a long time, princes of each kingdom attempted to destroy the Devil. Finally, the seventh prince killed the Devil by excellent shooting with a bow. Princesses who had been already changed abnormally by the Devil's power began the struggle for taking the last prince of the world. [Features]-7 StagesStage1 : Rapunzel (throw her hair)Stage2 : Arial (throw bubble. she only attacked by her bubble)Stage3 : Jasmin (she absorb blood of around minions. hit that minion)Stage4 : Aurora (throw needle. needle is attack tower and absorb blood then prince’s arrow can attack princess)Stage5 : SnowWhite (throw snowball. hitted by snowball tower being freezing.)Stage6 : Thumbelina (summon hurricane with frogs, same color can destroy that)Stage7 : Cinderella (summn timer. if time goes 12, pumpkin carriage hit tower. its very powerful)-10 HeroesAragon : melee attack / wide melee attack.Robinhood : shoot arrow / shoot three way.Jeina : fire magic / summon meteor.Duke : reflect monster attack (also projectile) / summon justice Shield.Saruna : curse ball / curse area.Kungfei : flying kick / teleport kick.Dryad : root attack (forward and backward) / root attack (wide area) Crystal : ice magic / summon ice meteor.Shadow : throw shurieken(up and down) / throw shurieken(around)Cura : summon one bat / summon three batsfacebook : http://www.facebook.com/catchaprince

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