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Chocolate Towers is here!

Your mouth will water the moment you play this game!

Delicious, mouth watering chocolates in several varieties await you in this exciting, addictive physics puzzler that will hook you in, and delight your senses!

Test your reflexes, puzzle skills, and timing in 3 gorgeous, detailed levels with varying themes!

Stack the Chocolates as high as you can go, but don’t blink, hesitate, or get flustered, or it’s game over!

Easy to play, but difficult to Master, this game is great for ALL ages! You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you get closer to your goal!


Many different varieties of delectable, mouth watering Chocolates to delight your palette, and inspire chocolate cravings!

3 different themed levels with Gorgeous backdrops including a Cartoon Dutch Village, Cherry Blossom Gardens in Japan, as well as the heart of Paris, with the Eiffel Tower at dusk!

Challenge yourself on Easy, Medium, and Hard Modes of play, each with a Set Goal with increasing difficulty!

Saves your high score to come back later and play again!

Perfect your skills and get 1 or 2 coins with each drop. This guides you to tell you how perfect a chocolate stacker you are!

Fun for the entire family with easy one touch controls!

Difficult to master, and will have you coming back over and over to play “Just one more game”

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