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First full version Iphone Islamic/Muslim Theme Game with 15+ levels for people of all ages and faiths.

We thought why charatcers like Alice always in the games/cartoons ? Why not Muslim Kid in an Iphone game with beautiful storyline, graphics, action, adventure and so on ?

Muslim kids have every right to have fun in a way thats unique to them and their background !

Please support this effort and buy one for your kids... they will surely have fun fighting the dark forces as a pious muslim kid :)..
We will take you back to pre-islamic persia where the mysterious and dangerous practices like Satanism, black magic, demon worship, diabolism were common.

A muslim mystic entered the land to call people and guide them to the true religion and started a seminary. A group of magicians unjustly tortured the pious

mystic in search of the coins of baraka to the "door of barakah". They were looking to help the dark forces take over whole region by making use of magical

treasures hidden in the door of Barakah.

The mystic hid the coins all over the place and sent his wife and infant son, to his brother in the arab land, before he was caught and tortured . The

door could only open if all the coins are at one place.

The heavens were so enraged that destruction, earth quakes and all the calamities possible never stopped descending upon people of persia.

As soon as the young son grew old enough, took the task of opening the door of blessings to heal the damage caused and use the powers to clean persia of these evil practices. To do that he has to search the coins and fight the magician's evil animals guarding the seminary in which lies the door of Barakah.

Help the young prince fight to open the doors of blessing for the people.

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