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Cake Maker 2 is here! If you loved the first version, then this one is a must have!  Continue the fun and whip up any kind of cake for any type of occasion - from baby showers to 16th birthdays to weddings - bake it bolder, bigger… better with Cake Maker 2!
Build a stunning cake from a huge selection of ingredients!
First, select a plate or cake stand and the wall/background to compliment your cake. 
Next, choose the cake- square cakes, round cakes, tall cakes, short cakes, small cakes, big cakes… Use as many or as few as you’d like! Stack them on top of one another with or without columns; it’s all up to you, the master pastry chef!
Now, this is where the artistic side of you comes in!  Decorate to your heart’s content with an assortment of icings, flowers, piping, fondants, toppers, candles, and more...

Finally, after admiring your masterpiece, you can eat it! 

Cake making items include:

Plates, cake stands, and backgrounds
A great variety of ways to display your cake because in the cake world, presentation is quite important!
Cakes and Columns
This is where the masterpiece begins!  Decide from many shapes and sizes of cakes and how they will be layered.  Use columns for the tiers or stack them on top of one another with a variety of choices. No two cakes will ever look the same!
Shapes and Trim
Start adding the little details to your cake that will make it just the way you want with a huge variety of fondants and types of trim!
Flowers and More
Don’t stop now… There’s still room for flowers that will give your cake the theme and look you desire.  Choose from a fabulous variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and types of flowers!
This is where the real personalization starts!  Add Christmas trees, basketballs, bows, Easter eggs, racecars, ghosts, hearts and many more themed items to make your cake your style!
Don’t forget the toppers!  If it’s your speed, add a bride and groom on a motorcycle!
It’s time to shine!  Add the flicker of fire anywhere you choose, but remember, these are not your typical candles… they are Cake Maker candles, so the possibilities are endless!  Use any letter of the alphabet to spell out a message that is sure to stand out!
Bring cheer to each holiday by making a cake that represents the special day! Create all kinds of fun with even the smallest holiday and share it on Facebook or email it to a friend. 
About the Free Version!
This FREE version of Cake Maker includes a SAMPLING of cake making items.  IF you want more, simply BUY a content pack from the Grocery Store.  Or, get access to all 5 content packs at a DISCOUNTED price by buying the ‘Master Cake Maker’ pack (the best value)!!
Content Packs!

Master Cake Maker
Have it ALL with this pack! Everything you see in the app is yours when you purchase Master Cake Maker!  You will have NO limitations, which means hours upon hours of creative… even CRAZY cake decorating! 
Cake Decorator’s Pack
This is the pack for the die-hard cake decorator! This includes everything you need or want to create the cake beyond your wildest imagination!

Wedding Cake Pack
From formal to fun, build the cake of your dreams!  This pack includes beautiful toppers, cake stands, and a huge variety of cake shapes, decorations, and flowers!
Holiday Cake Pack
Make each holiday more special with the perfect cake!  Decorate your masterpiece to set the mood for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and more!
Candles and More Pack
Go crazy with candles that would suit just about anyone!  Cheerleaders, guitars, every letter of the alphabet and all the digits will make just the right cake for anyone!
Toppers and More Pack
If you can’t seem to get enough items on the cake, then this pack is for you!  Get access to all the toppers and more fun items so you can indulge yourself in topping the cake with whatever you choose!  

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