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From the pinball masters behind the top-selling Xbox LIVE Arcade game, Pinball FX, comes ZEN Pinball Rollercoaster for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch! ZEN Pinball Rollercoaster, developed by ZEN Studios and released by Publisher X, is the first pinball arcade simulator to hit the iPhone and utilize the innovative Apple Touch Screen. ZEN Pinball: Rollercoasters endless levels of fun combined with the colorful and exciting table provide you with hours of fun at the palm of your hand.


Fascinating graphics - fully 3D environment, all intricately detailed and all rendered with the Rollercoaster theme!

Addictive, fast gameplay with five main game modes, plus multiple multiball modes!

Bumpers, ramps, towers and run lanes galore!

Sophisticated physics model in 3D -- perfect physical modeling of the ball and its interaction with the environment

Explore the playfield in 3D, thanks to the gyroscopic capabilities of the iPhone!

Nudge the table by shaking the iPhone!

Hit the High Striker to test your toughness, then go further, and enjoy being hit with 4Gs on the Rocket Ride!

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